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I am an immigrant from Sierra Leone, West Africa who wants to benefit from quality education. I strongly feel that I require additional training and education to enable me pursue my long term goals. This is due to the fact that I am always e inspired by the professionals at various work places who have proved to be the most successful people in the society. I am also inspired by the good education system in the United States especially the colleges and universities with inspiring missions and good reputations alongside the well developed educational departments and the culture of promoting excellence. I am a person who appreciates the American's diversity and multiple cultural celebrations.

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In the current world, there are many opportunities that require well trained and educated professionals. Therefore, I require the potential of reinforcing a common good in the existing global work fields. I also want to learn how to adapt and respond to the ever varying situations and I aspire to become a manager in one of the largest organizations in the world. I come from a poor family and I am a married man with a son aged two years. Therefore, I carry a heavy responsibility of providing all sorts of support to my family.

Due to this, I am only able to raise a small amount of money that would not be enough to meet my educational financial needs. These are reasons why I need a scholarship to enable me achieve my long term goals. The scholarship will thereby help me to advance the already acquired skills at my previous school to a level of perfection and application. It will also grant me a chance to practice and polish my leadership skills as will be required in my future position in global work field.

With the help of the scholarship, I will be able to meet the high costs of the education. Therefore, I am applying for this scholarship to enable me study without interruptions. With good knowledge and skills, I will live my life to the fullest, happy and content and without it, I am nothing.


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