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Business Management is a career that I have always aspired to pursue. Ever since I was 20 years old, my father introduced me to his motorcycle business and I developed a great interest in business management. During Saturdays and senior high school summer breaks, I went along with my father to his workplace to be customized to the real working environment. I earned customer care skills by being involved in direct sales negotiations,  entering data for those who wanted to purchase on credit, worked with the leasing department for those who wanted to lease vehicles and banks that served the clients. During this period, my father noticed my interest in numerals and decided to teach me finance skills using real records from his company. I learnt the basic accounting skills, making journal entries, and preparing financial statements, which are the essentials, involved in managing a business. He taught me the essence of leadership skills, confidence, charisma, and the responsibility involved in managing a business efficiently. This created the urge to learn more skills involved in running a business successfully. The scholarship at the City University of Seattle will help me to meet my personal goals of earning skills and knowledge in Business Management while furthering my education prospects. On the same note, this will help me financially because it will lighten the financial burden of education on my parents.

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One of the greatest obstacles I ever faced was decision-making and learning to be independent at 16 years. This was when I was sent to school in the United States and I did not have any parental guidance. After struggling with a lot of freedom and peers, I made a decision to transfer from the Shoreline Community College to City University where I worked hard and this improved my grades from GPA 2.97 to 3.35. This improvement put my name on the Dean's Honor List for Spring Quarter 2010. This achievement makes me to be determined to study hard, learn from my mistakes, and make my life better. I had to make opt for independence from peer influence and self-discipline. These are the two most important skills that are needed in studying, starting, managing a business and being a business leader. I honestly believe that this scholarship is a gift for the academic improvement and excellence that I have strived to achieve at City University. Higher education will help me to advance the skills of business operations and earn the confidence needed in independent decision-making, which is very vital in running and leading a business.

The newly developed skills and knowledge in business management will help me to realize my dream of becoming a business owner. Today, most businesses are globalized and as a result, there is stiff competition. This course is very significant since it aids the student to learn the possible strategies needed to sustain business operations and make the best market offerings while being profitable. This course will give me the ability to forecast future economic conditions, how they will influence prices, which is extremely significant in keeping a company in business. I honestly believe that this scholarship will aid me to achieve personal and educational goals. A scholarship at City University will prepare my entry into international business through efficient building of business skills. This chance will nurture me towards being a successful business leader, trustworthy to both my parents and colleagues. This scholarship will assist me to complete the Bachelor's degree, broaden the variety of skills to further my prospects. The skills and knowledge will help me to get a job before embarking on studying for a Master's degree in Marketing.


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