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For a long time I have been interested in becoming one of the best construction engineers the world has. This is a dream that I work hard everyday so that I can make it a reality. From the O level, I admired buildings, especially the long storied ones. I used to try and make my own toy buildings from clay.

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Becoming an adult I focused on what I loved most when I was a child. All along, I have worked hard in my school life and managed to get the grades I require to do construction engineering. My dream to become a construction engineer is guided by my professional goals.

My first goal is to have a construction management degree that will enable me become a professional with a certificate to practice. I have an aspiration to work with a consulting firm that deals with construction works and services. This will help me practice as a professional construction supervisor. My ambition is to be able to professionally manage construction works, processes and people in order to come up with world class constructions.

In addition, my professional goal is also guided by the fact that I would wish to be the brains behind the designing, construction and monitoring of big buildings which will act as houses or commercial buildings for hundreds of people. I find the construction industry to be one field where I will be required to up hold my integrity as it will be my role to keep the owner's targets and expectations in line with reality.

I need a scholarship because I qualify for the requirements. The scholarship will help me join one of the finest universities that present a solid construction course. Quality construction courses are expensive.  I am not capable of funding for the whole course. With the scholarship, I will be able to manage the fee and get the best training. In addition, the scholarship provides me with an advantage because it will go directly to fund my education hence no wastage.

The scholarship will go a long way in ensuring that I perfect what I love most in a professional world and by helping me provide better and quality services to the world. The scholarship will have helped me achieve my goals to become a professional who can provide construction services to the society.


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