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Although Waubonsee Community College grants an impressive number of scholarships each year, there are no specific scholarships for minorities. STEM scholarships, or Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics scholarships, is not a complete financial aid program due to the fact that scholarships are granted to students that fit a certain profile, regardless of whether they are from a minority group or not.

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Considering the fact that every year the number of male students applying for the scholarship granted by the National Science Foundation (NFS) is significantly larger than the number of female students, alternative financial aid to encourage female students to apply to engineering or technology studies should be instituted.

According to the online STEM scholarship information page, Waubonsee web designers have placed a picture of a female student in their scholarship program presentation, in an effort to make women students apply for a STEM scholarship. However, this is certainly not enough.

Scholarships that are granted only to female students attending STEM classes are incorporated into the main program of scholarships granted by the college, in association with NSF. Due to these circumstances, the gender or race of each student does not count.

In the eligibility requirements, there are no clear statements regarding how minorities can or cannot apply for this scholarship. The only reference made does not involve gender minorities, but foreign minorities: "Be a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen admitted as permanent resident or refugee."

In the USA, there are literally thousands of colleges that not only have the chance to offer such scholarships, but that also know how to collaborate with large scientific or engineering institutions to develop scholarships for their students.

High-level education should be available for all, and especially for those who really deserve it. Up to this point, Waubonsee Community College has not only lacked a focus on minorities in their scholarship program, but they also lack a scholarship for clinical or medical studies, which should also be incorporated into the STEM program.

The terms of the scholarship also state that applicants should "Express an interest to earn an A.S. degree in a STEM discipline, with the intention to complete a B.S. in that discipline. Eligible disciplines are: biological sciences (except medicine and clinical fields) [...]"

In the optional scholarship program, a student might be able to apply for this scholarship. However, the money they receive may not be sufficient to cover expenses, considering that a student attending medical or clinical classes will need money for not only daily living costs, but also for very expensive textbooks and other materials, which are mandatory when enrolling in such studies.

In this situation, a student might need to apply for two scholarships at one time. This means extra effort and time spent on application submissions, when Waubonsee could have a more simplified application process in the first place.

When addressing the matter of minority scholarships, as well as medical and clinical scholarships, there is one clear obvious solution. Waubonsee must find sponsors that are able to support their students throughout the college years; sponsors that can afford to give enough money for over at least a small number of exclusively female students  to attend classes without having to face any financial issues.

To be able to fund such minority scholarships, Waubonsee can find resources in the very institutions they prepare their students for. Although the National Science Foundation currently supports STEM scholarships, the scientific community is not the only source of potential funds. Companies that utilize engineering and technological know-how should also be approached.

Many colleges that fund academic programs impose certain demands on students, such as requiring them to work as an intern or volunteer for the company. For companies in the technological and engineering industries, having extra workers that they will not have to pay could be an attractive option. In fact, companies will probably be very happy to support new students in these areas, especially young women willing to join their industry, because such community support is seen as a good way to build a quality brand name.     

In developing this type of program, Waubonsee Community College may have the chance to offer many female students a scholarship for STEM that will be more than enough to support them throughout their college years.

Since the companies which grant scholarships work in the scientific or technological fields, they will also be able to donate materials for study to the college, so not only female students will benefit from this opportunity.

With regard to clinical and medical studies, efforts made by Waubonsee Community College should be more significant than simply granting minority scholarships. Waubonsee should find a number of hospitals, depending on the number of students attending their classes every year, and work to obtain an internship that also includes financial benefits.

Internship programs will allow the students to attend real medical events, experience working in a hospital, and potentially increase their chances of becoming an employee of the hospital or clinic. Most hospitals or private clinics will hire their students who have carried out internship hours under their supervision.

To enable the inclusion of subsidized textbooks and other materials in the scholarship, Waubonsee Community College might have to search for a different kind of help. Companies selling anything aimed at students might be willing to donate money, as long as their name is mentioned and their image as a community-minded business is promoted. Waubonsee should investigate how to work with companies who want to develop their public image, and in turn ask for donations towards their students' studies.

Medical materials for studies are very expansive and these materials are either consumable, or easy to damage. Under such circumstances, monetary donations or physical materials are needed all the time. Waubonsee should consider approaching more than just a single company for donations, and it may also consider finding as many hospitals as possible, so that all students, especially seniors, can attend internship classes and be granted with a scholarship.

The STEM scholarship program can thus be improved by more than just adding a number of extra scholarships. Waubonsee Community College can also open new opportunities to female students and minorities who are looking to achieve improved career prospects.

STEM can also be improved by offering internships and financial aid to students attending medical or clinical classes. Money will not be the only advantage, and students can benefit from materials, work experience, and a guaranteed job once they graduate.

Waubonsee's efforts to improve its STEM scholarship program will show prospective students its commitment to developing student support, in particular new students looking for a good scholarship program.


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