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As a child, my parents were strict disciplinarians hence I always had to finish everything I started. They made sure I have strong virtues: patience, listening skills, high self-esteem among others. Moreover, we could take part in activities as a family and all my parents were looking for in us is perseverance and success. As a senior in studio arts currently, I realize these values from my parents were heaven sent. This is because this course requires discipline, vision, ingenuity, mastery, and creativity. I have no problems at all since these values were instigated in me long ago and I have grown up with them.

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Secondly, I have been taking part in many outdoors activities. This includes assisting the artists to develop their programs and taking part in charity work. I have taken part in advising the community on the dangers of lifestyles that trigger obesity and how to control high blood pressure. Interacting with the people has enabled me to keep track of the rapid changes in the community. I also moved to the United States eight years ago and this elicited me to making many efforts in speaking and writing English fluently. It has not been an easy path since I have faced a lot of criticism and others could laugh at me many a times whenever I made a mistake. I am glad that so far, I have improved greatly compared to when I come here and I can talk to anyone confidently. I also took part in STOCS approved CUNY short-term program, which allowed me, work with others in addition to learning much. This allowed me to realize that I am also a very good term player. If I win this scholarship, I will be able to go for my dream to the later and I will be in a position to give back to the society. I love embracing change hence I will have no problems adapting to the deviations in the industry.


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