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The Oscars are awards presented to the Torbay and South Devon community in order to the best students in skills and learning, leadership, apprenticeship, management and life skills. The awards are designed to recognize those who have worked hard to emerge top at the above categories and encourage others not only to do their best but to emerge to in their various categories. The event will be held on 20th January 2012 in the collage hall. A committee of twenty people have been selected in order to organize the event and the will be meeting every day for the next one week to ensure the success of the event. The committee is expected to choose the venue for the event design the invitations .Notify the nominated candidates and ensure that the awards and certificate are there well in advance of the event. In addition they should ensure that the event theme is appropriate and the colors chosen have the capability of conveying the message to the targeted audiences easily.

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The theme of the event will be “Persistence pays” with the color black depicting persistence. The event therefore will have black as the color theme representing persistence. There will be eight individual categories which will include;

  1. Highest achievement in life skills.
  2. The most inspiring learner.
  3. The most inspiring trainer.
  4. The best apprentice.
  5. The top manager.
  6. Most exemplarily leader.

In addition there will be awards to recognize the success of the various groups. Group categories will only be three and will include;

  • The  Most exemplarily group in life skills,
  • The most inspiring faculty,
  • The best group in apprenticeship.

Nomination for the various categories is now open, and those wishing to participate have been asked to forward their nominees. Invitations will be sent out to the families of all the graduates. The award organizing committee is therefore expected to come out with a design for invitation cards so that they can be sent in good time to enable those invited adequate time to prepare. Nomination deadline is 10 January 2012 all candidates for the various awards should be nominated by then. The nominated candidates for the various awards are also expected to be notified as soon as they are confirmed. Awards for the various categories have already been pledged by the various stakeholders. Award and certificates for the event have already been contributed however those willing to make various contributions to the award event should be notified that their awards will be reserved for the next award ceremony. The rsvp cards should be sent to the events organizing committee.

Invitation cards

The design should be simple and the message short and precise, expected guest from longer distances should be sent E-cards.the event theme is “persistence pays “and the events color theme is black these themes should be incorporated in the invitation cards. This is to ensure that the guests are well aware of the theme way before attending the event

R.S.V.P cards

To be sent to the committee.

Gifts and sponsorship

The event already has the award for this year but will not turn away any gifts or sponsorships that the guests bestow on the event. They will be held in trust for the next year’s event.


The main purpose of the event is to recognize those successful students so that they can encourage others to excel. The event has a simple theme and simple color to ensure that the message is easily communicated to the audiences and easily understood. The invitation cards have been designed to easily convey this message. 


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