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I consider myself to be fortunate in life because of the gift of life. I know that as long as I am able to take one breath and the next, there is hope to make it in this life. I believe that no effort goes to waste and I have seen my beliefs bear fruit in my academic work. The hours spent in the classroom and the library or group discussions with my fellow classmates have resulted in very impressive grades in school. I got an advanced diploma in high school.

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In college classes, I attained a GPA of 3.53.My education goals involve attending college and immediately after enrolling for a master's degree program. I always dream bigger and this has been my greatest source of inspiration. I am determined to soar to the highest height in academics after all, education is the key to opening all the doors to success and I intend to get through all those doors.

During vacations I have volunteered in softball camps, Pop Warner Football for jamboree and concessions, Toy for Tots at CHDK Hospital. In addition to these places I have been with Ring dance where I offered catering, serving and cleanup services. At school I was involved with field maintenance. I also held Sunday school for toddlers.

I am a responsible and hardworking individual. Respect and honesty are virtues I practice and hold in high regard. My financial situation is not conducive to me achieving my college education. A scholarship from your organization will be a great boost in helping me achieve my educational goals.

The Sunday school experience developed my patience skills and I got to see the world from children's perspective which really humbled me because of their innocence and their thirst for knowledge. I also got to learn that giving does not entail a person being wealthy it involves sharing what one has. Your philosophy of people helping people agrees with my motto in life to help others and extend to them a kind hand in whatever way I can. I believe in helping other become and being a shining star in their lives. I would therefore, appreciate if you considered me for scholarship.


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