Free Agricultural Genetic Engineering Food Safety Essay Sample

The proposition that Agricultural Genetic engineering affects the safety of our foods is so strong, especially in the current conditions of the environment, which is full of technological modifications. The presence of organisms like birds, insect and wind are thought to be the main players in the transmission of seeds, which have been genetically modified, from one destination to another. Pollen, which these mechanisms transmit are transgenic and when they cross-pollinate with other pure wild and natural crops, they transmit the same transgenic matter to these organisms. All organisms, whether plants or animals, are thought to be very vulnerable to the process of cross-pollination, which brings about the transfer of transgenic pollen. Although, there have been several efforts to thwart the process of transfer of transgenic matter from one organism to another, which eventually leads to issues of food safety, Agricultural genetic engineering is still a major concern as far as food safety is concerned.

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Safety is indeed a major concern in food supply. When food is subjected to unhealthy conditions, there are several problems, which come up. One of these problems is food-borne diseases. A number of food borne diseases are known to affect a bigger part of the society, especially in Africa, today. Such food-borne diseases include kwashiorkor, rickets, scurvy and anemia. These diseases are not only known to cause disastrous effects on individuals, but they are also a major causes of deaths in many parts of the world. Because of this therefore, the aspect of food safety is very critical in many parts of the world.

Safety is also a major concern for food supply because the continuing globalization in the world has brought many challenges, especially issues relating to food supply. The globalization of the economy in the world implies that the food, which is consumed in the world, can be sourced from any part of the world. Some famous production places like Apples in New Zealand, raspberries from Central America and cheese from France continue to supply these food crops to many parts of the world. Because of the concept of globalization, the concepts of transportation of food and storage become critical. There are many unsafe environments, which might be encountered while the food is being transported. There is need therefore, to consider safety of food in the current world scenario.

Agricultural genetic engineering affects food safety in that it creates a mode through which transgenic food products can be transmitted. The process of seed testing is often not done or is done in a very shallow manner. It is important to perform seed testing before they are released into the market. When these seeds eventually enter into the market, they end up mixing up with the pure food products, developing issues of unsafe food products.

The modification of genetic matter in plants, as it is taking place today is also a major concern in the safety of food. The genetic changes, which are done to plants exist inside a germ plasma, which predominantly contains the original plants’ descendants. This process has big impacts on the organic foods, sustainable agriculture and the safety of consumers. This is because the modifications are not often standardized.

Food safety is an issue of great concern in the world today. Many governments continue to put in place major policies, which are meant to ensure that food safety is well maintained. One way through which this is done is by considering the processes, which come as a result of agricultural genetic engineering. It has become of great necessity to consider how seeds are tested and how food is transported from one country to another. This is in a bid to ensure there is no improper insecurity of food. Agricultural genetic engineering remains a major threat to food safety, and each concerned party therefore, needs to take their position in minimizing this phenomena. 


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