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Ellen A. B. (2003) puts emphasis on the class differences that exist in the world. These differences are further taken to institutions and schools to reflect normal behavior. Social classes and divides determine how a person is treated in all these places. It places the people thought to be of a lower class, to receive poor treatment as compared to those of higher class. The major class difference that occurs is definitely the economic class difference.

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School personnel who functioned as gatekeepers bowed to pressure of the higher class to limit the access of resources to persons in the lower class. The school boards that were ever changing all had one thing in common, the ability of the higher class to influence decisions to favor them. They clearly ignored the rights of the majority especially the poor and continued to have their way. We may look at tracking as the streaming of pupils. It is a system where thereexist different streams for different social classes. The personnel ensured that this streams were maintained in as much retaining the classes as possible.

Tracking makes people look for educational institutions that suited their classes rather than, people looking for schools that offer them good education. They do not look at opportunities that make their lives better but rather, they look at where they fit best. Tracking aims at putting people in groups they can identify themselves in. The form that existed here was based on classes. This can be seen as wrong based on the poor lacking opportunities that put them at par with the rich.

Ellen A. B. (2003) also offers solutions to these problems.She proposed that everyone in a classroom should embrace diversity in the classroom to have progressive views. This meant that everyone should embrace those from a different social class because they could offer them something new. One can look at this as offering each class what it lacks through fully interactingwith the other group members. This can lead to the exchange of ideas and views in the simplest of all social gatherings which is a classroom.

She also proposes democracy in the decision making at the board level. Democracy has not only changed the political relations between people, it has also changed how they interact. Different classes have to listen to the views of others so as to have their way. No specific group gets to forever dictate decision making. Decisions are meant to suit the majority but can have input from the minority.

Social reciprocity is the practice of doing unto other people what you would like them to do unto you. It is about giving unto others better treatment as you would expect the same from them.  It is aimed at avoiding social dominance by given classes. When one treats others in a negative manner because they are of a social class lower than them, they are seen to be doing wrong. This is because modern principles are derived from this all important aspect and is meant to show some individuals as self-centered and expose flawed moralities.

Social reciprocity is good because it puts people on an equal level. This is because there is good to be gained where good is done. It assumes that all people desire good things to be done unto them. Everyone also has the responsibility of putting the interests of others before their own and putting other people in their shoes before making any judgment that would harm them. Different classes could easily coexist without conflict because everyone would know what best suits the other. They would look at the impacts of their actions to the general society.

Social reciprocity however may be impossible to practice. This is because people by nature want to look at their interests first. They want these interests to proceed others people’s rights as long as they have their way. The main reason as to why these classes exist in the first place is to realize the interests of given groups of people. Some people are also guided by greed and want everything for them to keep. People also want to bully others into doing what they themselves want.

It is the moral obligation of all to ensure that they listen to other people’s views irrespective of their social class. People should treat others in just ways as well as allow their opinion to be heard. It is our moral obligation to do so as well as ensure that the decisions we take get to have a positive outcome to all.


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