Free Concept of Falsifiability Essay Sample

Karl Popper made his contribution to philosophy especially the philosophy of science through his concept of falsifiability. There have always been raging debates regarding the validity of theories and statements which collectivity make up theories. This is more applicable in scientific theories and in evaluating what theories can be classified as scientific. According to Popper, a theory can only be accepted as being scientific if it’s falsifiable. A theory is falsifiable if it can be tested and proven to be potentially wrong. Assertions which contain conclusions that have no room to be tested and proven wrong, wholly or partially, are not considered scientific. The falsifiability of a theory does not make it wrong but makes it valid and in doing so makes room for improvement.

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History is full of theories which have either stood the test of time or others which have either being altered or discarded all together. Most theories which remain unchanged are unfalsifiable and are therefore considered to be outside the realm of science. One such theory is the theory of creation especially one rooted in religion and the claim that the world originated from one supreme God. Believers of this theory believe with total conviction that there is a supreme being who is all knowing and all powerful and no evidence or argument can help alter this belief. Their unwilling to move away from this dogma makes any possibility of showing the falsifiability of this theory impossible and led the courts to dismiss it as a scientific subject.

Many scientific theories which were adopted as such in their times have either being proven wrong or altered since they passed the falsifiability tests. One such instance includes the Newton’s laws which were taken to be scientific facts in their time of conception. The predictions outlined by Newton’s laws were specific and thus provided a means for scientists to continuously review and evaluate them to check for any inconsistency. The laws did not hold all the time and this led to their refinement using the laws of relativity and in doing so passed the test of falsifiability.


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