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Crime Laboratory,  is  a  place  where  forensic  scientists  make  use of scientific  techniques  to  analyze  evidence  collected  from  a  scene  of  crime  or  accident.  Its also known as a forensic lab.  After  the  analysis  of  the  evidence,  the  laboratory  technicians  compile  a  report  which can be  used  in  a  court  of  law.  Crime  labs  are  normally  located  in  local  or  state  police  departments.

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Chicago  regional  computer  forensics  laboratory  located   in  Chicago  is  accredited  by  ASCLD/LAB  under  the  legacy  program ( American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors Laboratory Accreditation Board [ ASCLD/LAB], 2010).  This  lab  basically  examines  computers  as  well  as  digital media  such  as  cell  phones,  video  cameras  and  mp3  players  used  in  crimes  such  as   terrorism,  child  pornography ,  intellectual  property  theft,  violent crime   and  fraud. The  work  of  the  laboratory  is  not  limited  to analyzing  forensic  evidence since  it  also  trains  law  enforcement  agents on  how  to  seize  a  computer  and  how  to  handle  digital evidence.  This lab is a federal one and is therefore funded by congress (Zonderman, 1999). 

Drug  Enforcement  Administration,  North  central  Laboratory  located  in  Chicago is  ASCLD/LAB   accredited  under  the  international  testing  program (ASCLD/LAB, 2010).  It investigates and arrests traffickers and users of dangerous drugs.  To  carry out  its  criminal  investigations,  DEA  seizes  the illegal  drugs  so  as  to  use  them  as  evidence  against the drug  traffickers  and users.  DEA also analyses the drugs and stores them safely. It  also  educates  the  youth  ,  their parents  as  well  as  teachers  about  the  dangers  of  illegal  drugs using  magazines  such  as  the  drugs  of  abuse magazine  and  other print  media.  It is federal owned (Zonderman, 1999).

DuPage County Forensic Science Center, located in Wheaton is ASCLD/LAB   accredited under the international testing program (ASCLD/LAB, 2010).  This  lab  provides  forensic  services  to  the  criminal  justice  system  of  the  county  of  Dupage.  It  has  three  units:  Forensic  chemistry  and  microscopy,  Criminalistics  and  Forensic  Biology/DNA. These  units  provide  analysis  in  Drug  Chemistry,  Trace  Chemistry,  Latent Prints,   Firearms  and  Tool marks.  Since  its  a  county lab,  its  managed  by  the  municipal  council (Horswell, 2004). 

Illinois State Police Crime Scene Services Command-Region 1, located in Joliet is ASCLD/LAB   accredited under the international testing program (ASCLD/LAB, 2010).  This  command  is  tasked  to  carry  out  crime  scene  processing,  photograph  imaging,  two  and  three  dimensional  diagrams  as well  as  animations  of  crash and  crime  scenes (Horswell, 2004).  Similar  commands  which  carry  out  the  same  functions  but  located  elsewhere  include   Illinois State Police Crime Scene Services Command-Region 2,   located  in  Galesburg,   Illinois State Police Crime Scene Services Command-Region 3,  located  in  Pekin,  Illinois State Police Crime Scene Services Command-Region 4,  located  in  Effingham  and  Illinois State Police Crime Scene Services Command-Region 5, located  in  Fairview Heights.  They are all ASCLD/LAB   accredited under the international testing program (ASCLD/LAB, 2010).

Lastly, we have   Northeastern Illinois Regional Crime Laboratory, a private company categorized under Forensic Consultants and  located in Vernon Hills. It is ASCLD/LAB   accredited under the legacy program (ASCLD/LAB, 2010). This  laboratory  carries  out analysis  in  Drug  Chemistry,  Finger  Prints,  Forensic  Biology/ DNA,  Toxicology,  Firearms  and  Toolmarks (Horswell, 2004).


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