Free Crop Circles and 2012 Essay Sample

Crop circle is a phenomenon that occurs in the fields of wheat, rape, and oat where crops are flattened and the stalks of the plants become bent but not broken. They were first seen in southern England in Europe which hosts the famous Neolithic sites in mid 1970s in the fields of wheat and barley. These were just simple circle which appeared overnight in these fields. Subsequent formations have been seen in Australia, china, Russia and south Africa. Some artists have risen to formulate a design and a plan from the original concept to finished products but they also hold onto the fact that crop circles are mysterious. Paranormal researchers and scientists clearly point out that the occurrence of these circles are not results of human efforts. Cereology science has been developed that explains the scientific perspective of these circles. It claims that they are formed as a result of extraterrestrial forces. Believers believe that cereologists are just liars who are government agents to spread government disinformation campaigns. These circles have been related with the disaster that will cause the world to end on 21st December, 2012 (Hitchcock, 2006).

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Sources of crop circles are: weather, paranormal causes, animal activity, and human activity. Animals have been known to create these circle ,for example In 2009, the information in the BBC news  that Lara Giddings, affirmed that Australian wallabies were  found creating crop circles in  the fields of poppies after eating  opiate-laden crop and running in circle. Since crop circles are either natural or just human creations an attempt to distinguish between the two is very crucial in order to understand whether the allegations about 2012 are true or false. The January 2000 issue of Journal of Meteorology states that: "The storms about this piece of Western Surrey have been lately local and violent, and the effects produced in some instances curious. Visiting a neighbor's farm on Wednesday evening (21st), we found a field of standing wheat considerably knocked about, not as an entirety, but in patches forming, as viewed from a distance, circular spots... I could not trace locally any circumstances accounting for the peculiar forms of the patches in the field, nor indicating whether it was wind or rain, or both combined, which had caused them, beyond the general evidence everywhere of heavy rainfall. They were suggestive to me of some cyclonic wind action... "(Pinchbeck, 2007)

The evidences that exist are: biophysical, mathematical, anomalies, and radiation evidences.  Biophysical states for a circle to be natural, plants affected must expand epidermal walls and extends nodes bends in fresh formation. Plants that have been affected are not damaged but they continue to grow as if nothing has happened. Mathematically, the floor of the circle consists of five layers. These layers interweave and counter flows to each other. The circles are not perfectly round but are a little elliptical.  There has also been noted that there exists radioactive isotopes in the soil in the crop circle.  This causes the electromagnetic field to be altered therefore gadgets that use electromagnets for example mobile phones, and compasses do not function in these fields. The concentration of radioactive compounds is approximately 300% above the normal. There is also presence of red anomalies output which results from the effect of heat to the plant and also due to water shield.

The phenomenon of 2010 consists of a range of eschatological beliefs that a dreadful and transformative happening will occur on 21st December, 2012 which will be the end of a five thousand one hundred and twenty five cycle of the Mayan Long Count calendar.  On December 21, 2012, it will show the corresponding of a string of zeros, In Maya calendrics; it is the end of Baktun 13. The Maya calendar was based on multiple cycles of time, and the Baktun was one of them. A Baktun is one hundred and forty four thousand days: a little more than 394 years.

And they have accurately linked the Maya Long Count dates with the corresponding dates in our calendar.  New age interprets this occurrence as a transition that will enforce spiritual or physical transformation and it will mark the start of a new era. Others suggest that the world will come to an end or a similar catastrophe will happen. There are several scenarios that will cause the end of the world namely: arrival of solar maximum, black hole, and collision of the planet earth with a passing one. In the United States, the organization of December 21, 2012, with a "transformation of consciousness" has received accepted concentration in The Lost Symbol (2009), a bestseller work of thriller fiction by Dan Brown, in which the date is allied with references to mysterious viewpoint of Freemasonry and noetic theory. David Wilcock, a new age researcher, has gained increasing popularity with viral video-seminars promoting the idea of global ascension, and a golden age, in the year 2012. The ideas of new age concepts were popularized by Daniel Pinchbeck, in his work The Return of Quetzalcoatl. He tries to link it to beliefs about the crop circles (Braden, 2007).

Various sources have associated crop circle with what is expected to happen in the dreadful year 2012. It is believed that extraordinary disaster will happen which will trigger the end of the world.  Mayan sky watchers have worked backward and have discovered that the planets will reset on 21st December, 2012.  The 2012 period is not only a prophecy but a transition (jennings, 2010)

Well-known themes found in 2012 literature include "suspicion towards mainstream Western culture", and spiritual growth. The intention of this writings is not to warn of the coming danger but "to foster counter-cultural sympathies and socio-political and 'spiritual' activism" .Aveni, who has studied New Age and SETI communities, describes 2012 theories as the invention of a "detached" society: failure to answer spiritual questions within ourselves we turn to seek information that may answer our question in superior powers. A black hole is a region of space from which nothing can escape. It results from the twist of space time due to a very compact mass. It is referred to as black since it absorbs all light that hit it. Solar maximum is the era of supreme solar activity in the solar cycle of the sun. It is the period when the sun's magnetic field lines are the most indistinct because of the magnetic field on the solar equator rotating at a slightly faster pace than at the solar poles. The solar cycle takes an average of about 11 years to go from one solar maximum to the next with an observed variation in duration of 9 to 14 years for any given solar cycle (Joseph, 2010).

Despite all the misinterpretations of crop circles, they have become of great significance to the economy.  It has led to boost of the economy. While there is confusion about crop circles, the relationship between crop artists and cereologists is uneasy, the relationship between farmers and artists is positive. Crop circles are major attraction of tourists, spawning, bus tours, t-shirt prints, and other income generating ventures.  For those who believe in the spiritual power behind formation of these circles visit these sites to pray, meditate, and commune with worldly.   Whether the relationship between crop circles and 2012 prophecies, they are important.


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