Free Crop Circles And Aliens Essay Sample

Carl Sagan is a renowned professor of space science and astronomy. He has been part of numerous space expeditions and has been awarded NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) medals, for Exceptional Scientific Achievement. In his article crop circles and aliens: what's the evidence? Sagan speaks about how many people have the belief that they have seen UFOs and, that extra terrestrial entities have been communicating to humans, through crop circles.

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He explains that people may have actually seen what they claim to have seen, but it is the interpretation of what they have seen, that is faulty. He does not discredit the witnesses but rather the sources. "Most people honestly reported what they saw." However, he asserts that people's beliefs and expectations are what make them susceptible to hoaxes and pranks that people play on them with regard to apparitions and crop circles. He says that "people sometimes see things that are not there".

In addition, Sagan writes about his own experiences with the belief in extraterrestrial entities up to the time when he learns the workings of science. By doing so he is admitting to the fact that without information contradicting what you know, you are less likely that you will doubt it.  He mentions "how many false starts and dead ends have plagued human thinking" and "how our biases can color our interpretation". He mentions how people can use science to manipulate the truth that people believe. He attributes the apparitions to individual mistakes, jokes and stretching truth for money.

To further prove his assertions, he writes about the confessions of Dave Chorley and Doug Bower. These two confessed to making crop circles for over 15 years after being intrigued by UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects) reports. Through their communications with other crop circle hoaxers, they further excited people into believing that aliens were talking to human beings. In conclusion, Sagan's article not only shows how some people manipulate the truth but also how people are eager to believe in aliens.


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