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The essay is out to ensure that the law of motion is demonstrated on the way they function in our daily life. By proving so, exemplification of the three laws of motion will be discussed by showing the way they are affected by Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal during their tennis tournament. This will help to understand these laws as Isaac Newton has given them. 

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First law of motion

In the first law of Newton, it state that an object in motion remain in motion unless an external force act on them. In addition, an object that is at rest will remain at that state unless acted upon by an external force. The first law of motion is also known as the law of inertia.

This law shows that a body cannot change its velocity spontaneously. By this, it means that if it is moving at a constant speed and in straight line, it will continue moving at the same velocity and at the same direction in straight line (Trefil, & Hazen, pg 68). It will not in its own slow stops or change direction without the effect of another external force.

Taking an example of a tennis tournament between Federer and Nadal, we can exemplify the effect of the first law of motion. At the start of the tournament, the tennis ball is at state of rest before it has been subjected to any force. Otherwise, during the play, both players have to ensure that they play around with this law to ensure that they win the march. Through using of the force to ensure that the direction of the ball is determined by both depending on where they want it to fall is by this law. Otherwise, because they do not play in a perfect vacuum and there is always resistance force of the air and ground, the motion when stricken cannot move forever.

Second law of motion

According to Trefil, & Hazen pg 79, This law explains how an object will change velocity if it is subjected to force that push or pull it upon. Mathematically the law is well defined by the relation of force and mass as shown.  Force = mass x acceleration. This means that acceleration of an object is directly proportion to the force applied and inversely proportion to the mass of the body.

The law says that if force is applied to a body it will accelerate, that is, change its velocity to the direction of the force. This force is always proportion to the amount of force that has been applied to the object. This means that if an object is pushed twice in the same direction that it is moving with equal force, its acceleration will increase twice as much (Trefil, & Hazen, pg 104 ).

There putting this law to a tennis tournament between Federer and Nadal, it is much applicable. If for example Federer is the one who is starting the play by serving, the amount of the force that he will apply to the tennis ball will determine the acceleration that the ball will move with. Through proper user of the force, he is able to beat Nadal by always varying the force that he applies to the tennis ball. This will ensure that he will vary the distances that he wants the ball to fall in the playing court depending with the force applied. He is capable also increasing the acceleration of the ball to ensure that his opponent is not able to deal with the speed the ball acquire before it touches then ground.

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Third law of motion

The law state that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. This means that the amount of force that is applied to a body, it offers equivalent amount of force on the opposite direction (Westphal, 102).

The force has been useful, as it has helped in making sure that Nadal and Federer are able to stand on the ground without it buckling down as they play tennis. This is because the earth offers equal and opposite reaction to the force, they offer as they stand on.

As they play tennis the movement of the airwaves backward, help to propel the ball at the force that it has been propelled with. This law explains the way Federer is supposed to strike the ball back to Nadal as he is supposed to apply more force to ensure that the net force is the one that makes the ball to get back. The amount of force that has been applied by one player determine the force to be applied by the other person to ensure that the ball do not stop but get to the others court.


The law of motion has great use in the world. This ranges from functioning of the gravity to the bodies, to the maintence of the moving parts of the vehicles. These laws explain most of our contemporary behaviors towards motion and the effects that can be caused if these laws are used poorly. Therefore, through proper usage of these forces, there can be proper maintenance of equipment that is subjected to movement due to wear and tear (Westphal, pg 56). Federer and Nadal can develop proper techniques thus raising the techniques of the tennis game through calculated variation of these laws. In addition, people can be well informed that belting up in the vehicle is important as the will resist the force of inertia that causes more deaths in the roads across the world.


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