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Due to the evolution of the modern society, a lot of changes have taken place which is inevitable. The society has changed from being rigid to being so flexible in terms that one has to embrace changes that seem to take place on day to day basis. In our day to day living, change is inevitable. It is the only parameter that is always constant or permanent for that matter 3. This fact it geared by the factors such as cultural changes, population expansion as well as change in technology that force human beings to adapt new ways of living so as to favorably fit in this highly competitive society. Mankind has developed strategies whereby it is survival for the fittest. This can be illustrated through evolution and mountaineering as well where humankind molds activities to fit the ever-changing human process.

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Evolution is all about theory of changes that do take place to in natural or living features or creatures through restricted random mutations and dependent selection. Darwin's Theory of Evolution is about great development that has been achieved in molecular world, biochemistry and genetics over the past fifty years. Molecular biologist Michael Denton wrote, “That these changes are though they end up causing numerous revolutions to the evolving living creatures.”1 Darwin's Theory of Evolution is far accepted theory of evolution which argues that all living creatures are inter linked thus they all have a common origin. The theory still stresses that the living things under go some changes in their biological makeup that is their genes or DNA evolve over time. In that process new species are formed that are different from the original species. During this time, the original constitution of the genes is altered; a process known as gene mutation. In the entire formation of new species, the best traits and components are retained while the weaker and less desirable ones got rid off. These include the genes that help and enhance the species to survive in a specific environment. This is basically nature’s way to safeguard and maximize on maintaining desirable characteristics within species as it tries to eliminate the less desirable traits through gene mutation 1, 2. The low grade living creatures gradually get displaced by the superior ones with time via natural process of elimination which is death. This means that the natural process reinforces survival for the fittest whereby only creatures with superior qualities that promote and encourage their survival in a certain environment are left. This entire process is known as natural selection method or process.

As reflected by the contemporary society change is normal for survival due to the growing demographic changes, mobility, technology as well as culture and people’s lifestyle. This is further reflected in living things whereby the have to undergo gene mutation that is evolve so as to favorably cope with day to day environmental changes .This may include wellness to compete for scarce resources like water, food amidst others with other species in the ecosystem 8.

On the other hand mountaineering is all about is the sport or the activity of climbing mountains. This relates well with day to day living which has become so unpredictable in terms of being adventurous like the above mentioned sports activity. Life at the same times is molded such hat people are ever looking for new chances to cope to the always changing society.

As the way mountaineers concentrate on unclimbed mountains so do the contemporary lifestyle. For example the use of the internet that makes one access anyone within the globe as fast as possible without any change in geographical location via emails and face book has made everybody to adapt to the current technology. Thus the world becomes human friendly and a global village.  Therefore this calls for drastic evolution otherwise one would be rendered unfit for survival in the modern society.  Thereby survival for the fittest applies. Darwin’s Theory of Evolution refers this to as somatic hyper mutation whereby living things adapt radical and rapid modifications so as to survive and thrive in a life threatening circumstance. For example they can develop defense mechanisms like secreting antibodies to strengthen their immunity. This enhances their continuity hence survival for the fittest.

Darwin's Theory of Evolution stated that these changes that take place within the species are generally gradual and slow in nature. This means they do not take place overnight but they are consistent successive changes within a species. This is to ensure that the desirable features or trait of a specific species are not all together faced off for the environment thus become extinct. As a result of these, it ensures that any changes that take place is carried or built upon earlier modifications 4. As found in our day to day living, the Darwin's Theory has been applied in that technology is always built upon the existing one. The old is never disposed until the current one is functional and fully in place. Still we also find that no technology is completely done away with but it preserved to be of use in times of crises thus serving as complementary and back up purposes. For the outdated technology, it is stored in archives for future references as well as for historic purposes.

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Modern day Science has also considered anatomy to try and unravel the mystery of evolution 4. The anatomists discovered that when they juxtaposed the anatomical makeup of different organism, they realized some similarities in their structures. One of the main similarities they realized across the board is the skeletal structure of the organisms. Most had similar bones although some were more advanced than others. These similarities can be a proof that the vertebrates have a common ancestry. This concept can be described best by an analogy of the flying animals. Even though the bird, the butterfly and the bat all belong to different species, the structure of the wing that they have is fundamentally the same. The analogous relationship revealed by the wings is evidence of a possible common ancestry.

Gene mutation is found to be variant. This means that it is not predetermined, uniform and takes place as per the need at hand. It varies from one organism to another depending on the environmental demands or damages. As for technology, technology is not homogenous since it varies as predicated by different factors like people’s lifestyle among others.

However some evolutionary scientists say that gene metamorphosis is very slow for any species variation. Any outcome is dependent on the position of a gene. Thus any change in position of a specific gene can lead to complete transformation and change in function of the entire gene. As observed in our daily living, human beings change in accordance to their surrounding. This means that the magnitude of change in a human being is parallel to the demands laid by his surrounding. Lack of modification renders one “unfit” for the fast growing society 4. For example in pre- modern times, mothers were baby sitters. However nowadays, due to high cost of living mothers are also in the job market to earn a living. This calls them to use micro waves in their food preparation and cooking so as to save kitchen time. In the former, microwaves were not seen as ideal sine time salvage was not an issue. Still, mothers in the post modern era opt for packed foods .This was not the case way before as fresh food was highly valued than is ready to eat foods. The fast food restraints provide services that are uniform in that one can get similar food item in a different geographical coverage. Consequently, it is possible that the root cause of variation is chromosomal recombination rather than mutation. Mutations in regulator genes are another candidate for rapid change.

The Darwin's Theory of Evolution stated that changes are more felt as a result of group or societal change rather than individual change. He emphasizes this by saying that group change more strongly felt due to the mass psychology which acts as a catalyst for any change. In our day to day living this is seen whereby any change is taken more seriously multitude driving force that creates individual willingness to conform to change. An example is the use of mobile phones that have replaced telephones.

Conclusively, these theories are very applicable since they are a replica of the contemporary society.


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