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Genetic engineering is defined as a scientific alteration of the structure of the genetic material in living organisms. It involves the manipulation of the organisms' genes to make the organism better in some ways. This coursework will examine the benefits of genetic engineering and also the potential risks involved with genetic engineering.

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Genetic engineering

Genetic engineering has been a controversial topic with some claiming it will solve most of the world's problems while others claim it is a source of problems. Despite the talk, genetic engineering has its benefits and they include; the production of superior pharmaceutical drugs which are created by cloning of genes. In agriculture, genetic engineering has led to improved fitness of different plant species some of which have greater resistance to drought, virus and plant salinity. In humans through genetic therapy, they are able to remove defective genes or replaced with therapeutic genes which fight diseases.

Genetic engineering also helps in; lowering the use of herbicides, producing vaccines, bioremediation which involves cleaning of wastes using organisms (Shindilya A. 2010).  Despite all these benefits, genetic engineering also poses some risks. Due to the fact that there has been no research on long term effects of genetically modified foods, the health of people who eat these foods is in doubt.  There's also the fear of future herbicides tolerance and emergence of new toxins in food. The environment may also be damaged due to cross-pollination as well as disturbing the ecosystem.  Last but least is he fear of creating a new or worse viruses than they are today (Union of concerned scientists 2002).

Genetic engineering does provide very useful information and will be very beneficial not only to humans but to the earth as a whole. This will only be achievable if we have controlled genetic engineering where the scientists are watched closely by the government or an independent body so as not to harm Mother Nature by developing genes which will harm us later.


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