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With the development of new scientific research and discovery comes the issue of ethics. Is it ethical to do this? Is what is being done in the name of science a sufficient reason to overlook the general standards of ethics? Well, it is a subject of huge debate that has produced two opposing sides. Eddon asserts that cloning is an unprecedented development in medical research (par 1). While some researchers oppose human cloning, others are of the opinion that it needs to be researched and taken as a useful effort for medical matters. Amidst all these oppositions alleged on ethical matters, cloning has produced considerable benefits. Even with an effort to ban it, those in opposition have seen the medical significance of human cloning (Araujo, 129-149). The investment in human cloning has led to more successful treatment for medical matters and a provision of various options to problems of reproduction in human beings. Thus, this essay seeks to support the total support of investment and development in human cloning.

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Suppose someone losses a two-year old son to a tragic road accident and the doctor in the hospital suggests cloning the boy. This is comes to decision time of whether the person should take the risk of having the child again. At such a situation, it deems useful and of great benefit because human cloning has a hope of having the child again. Therefore, human cloning appears to be an opportunity for a perfect world and not really a nightmare as seen by those who stand in opposition to it. Through human cloning, the creation of a genetically identical copy of the boy in this scene can be made possible (McGee, pp. 50-78). The ethics that lie behind the issue of cloning is indeed a controversial matter. Human cloning is very useful in medicine as it offers organs for transplantation. The possibility of producing an organ to save the life of an individual who needs the transplant of the organ is seen with human cloning. Human cloning provides a great chance for people with chronic illness like heart disease. Therefore, with the support and application of human cloning, these chronically ill individuals can get a chance of healing and living even longer.

Human cloning thus presents a lot of benefits rather than a bad image founded on ethical standards. The cloning of an entire human being can make possible for a person to assist in saving the life of a family member ill with leukemia with their bone marrow. Bone marrow transplant requires a close biological connection between the beneficiary and the donor. In the case of human cloning, it is indeed the closest possible link. It is amazing how people would be compelled to conceive a child who could in turn provide bone marrow for an already existing related life suffering from leukemia. With this, there is no more evidence needed to convince those who advocate for total ban of human cloning.

It is very logical to state that human cloning leads to the ‘manufacturing’ of human beings. Actually, we are already manufacturing people. Just by looking for a mate, a choice is only being made for the genetics of the offspring. There is usually a difference between nurture and nature (Eddon, par. 1-3). Human cloning is thus a great and the next move towards technology. It is actually comparable to the concept of manufacturing human beings and the way women make a choice of sperm donors to determine the traits of the offspring they want. Even later after the child is born, an individual can shape the manner in which a child develops through its environment making no two human beings perfectly the same. There may not be measurable evidence in this although they take an approach that is more like artistic appeal.

Another benefit of human cloning that can be brought to the attention of those who stand in opposition to it is the fact that it can offer a solution to infertility. With the infertility that is realized amongst human beings, human cloning proves to be a rescue.  The process of vitro fertilization and technologies related to it has not yielded a sufficient rate of success in reproduction. Thus, cloning is essentially a good remedy to this issue. For instance, infertile women can have their babies through the technique of the implantation of cloned embryos into their bodies. This can actually eliminate the physical and mental pains amongst the couples that are infertile (Kilner, par. 6-11).

One of the fears held by some people is the predisposition that, human cloning involves a huge risk of different problems. Initially, there is a lasting debate pertinent to the ethical issue of the process of cloning. The cloning concept is believed to hurt many human beliefs and sentiments (Devolder, par. 23-46). However, it is important to know that the problems that cloning deals with are more hurting than the procedure itself. Moreover, we fail to understand that there are more other hurting issues in the lives of human beings which do not have any use at all or even do not have any need of taking risk for. Religion does not agree with the destruction of an embryo and neither does it support the creation of human beings in an artificial way. All the same, this can be viewed differently as a process of pro-creation through God in men. The staunch believers in religion could see human cloning as a work of God through men and not men taking the place and role of God in creation.

It is true that human beings while on earth depend on the diversity of genes. This diversity of genes emanates from parents with varied sets of genes.  However, the argument that human cloning will produce identical genes and thus weaken human adaptation and power is a weak assertion compared to the benefits accrued from it. The idea that these identical genes will subject cloned human beings to diseases easily is not sufficient enough to ban human cloning. It is not possible that a single disease could devastate an entire population easily as alleged. There are many more human habits and causes of nature that claim the lives of human beings other than human cloning. It is important to know that human beings could as well be at the risk of contracting disease even if they are not cloned. It all depends on the nature and nurture process that takes effect in the lives of these individuals.

Human cloning should not be taken as a measure to face out natural processes and procedures. It is a great development towards technology that can be used to address certain human challenges. It can be used as at and when required. Not all people need the services of a physician. All the same, the services of a physician cannot be abolished based on the fact that only a few would need them. The same case applies to human cloning. While the cloning concept could not apply to everybody, it has produced alarming results in the lives of individuals. Therefore, it is not a wise idea to generalize the opinion that human cloning will decrease the diversity present in genes since it is a mere copying of identical genes. Human cloning can be taken as a solution to various challenges facing human beings. The differences and the beauty of humanity can still remain even with the availability of human cloning in the human society. There is no way that human cloning would completely eliminate surprise as some people allege.  What is important to know is the fact that, human cloning is a great solution to daily issues and could be the first step into a perfect world.   

Cloning is a concept that can be used to repopulate the endangered species of the world. The same case can apply to humans through human cloning. Essentially, the opposition that human cloning has received over the years cannot be compared to the overwhelming benefits that have been realized with it. With human cloning, it may someday be possible to turn around the process of aging because of the knowledge and experience got from it. This technology has been very useful and may also be used to turn around heart attacks. Heart attacks are a common killer in the modern world where we live. The cloning of healthy heart cells and their injection into damaged areas of the heart could help a lot reverse the condition and assist many people. Then how come people would want to ban human cloning? With all these benefits! It is in fact awe-striking.

With human cloning, there has been a very great breakthrough with the human stem cells (Kristol and Cohen, pp. 70-88). The embryonic stem cells can now be grown to yield tissues or organs to repair or replace the damaged ones.  Brain cells for the damaged brain, skin for burn victims, spinal cord cells for quadriplegics and lungs, paraplegics, hearts, kidneys and livers may be produced. Through the combination of this technology with the technology of human cloning, it could be possible to yield the required tissue for people who are suffering and that will be free of rejection through their systems of immunity. Therefore, conditions like diabetes, degenerative joint disease, Alzheimer's disease, heart failure and Parkinson's disease among other health issues could be made curable on condition that human cloning and the technology thereof are not banned (Smith, par. 1-4).

In conclusion, whether human cloning research should be sacrifice in total ban or not is not the question. It is neither a show of the might and a disregard of the efforts of others. Human cloning is not a concept that should be allowed merely to appreciate an effort made by researchers as some people purport. The benefits and pragmatism of human cloning are evident. It is no doubt that human cloning has produced more usefulness than harm to the human society in which we live. Human cloning has come at a right time when human beings are plagued with everyday challenges. Health is becoming a great issue due to sedentary lifestyles and as a result of natural factors. Well, the importance of human cloning goes beyond borders and the confinement of religious predispositions can be surpassed with the notion that it is the work of God through men. There is much to benefit from human cloning and therefore, human cloning research should not be sacrifice in total ban.


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