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Numerous interpretations have been developed with an aim of establishing how humans portray specific behavioral traits. This is especially seen in the manner in which humans reading other people's faces and body movements in different circumstances. In a research carried out in Italy, monkeys were observed as having the inherent capability to imitate particular movements, which led to the discovery of Mirror Neurons (Mirror Neurons, 2005). This served as a platform to explain similar traits seen in humans. In essence, mirror neurons are special cells located on either side of the human brain, which trigger our emotional responses whenever we look at other people (Mirror Neurons, 2005).

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Mirror neurons elementally lead to the development of understanding of other people's experiences by relating the same situation to ourselves. This comes as an important tool in initiating learning and other human development cycle aspects. For instance, a child can learn to clap by merely observing the mother carry out the same activity; similarly, a child can learn to tie her shoe laces by observing the parent do it (Mirror Neurons, 2005). Moreover, mirror neurons are essential in the development of empathy in human beings. For instance, a person carrying heavy stuff on the streets will trigger emotional responses of empathy from those surrounding him (Mirror Neurons, 2005).

Mirror neurons have essentially led to the development of a desired level of understanding among us. This has been possible through harnessing own abilities and projecting them to the world (Mirror Neurons, 2005). In this sense, people are better able to connect and relate in a social manner. For instance, a happy facial expression from others automatically elicits a happy response from us (Mirror Neurons, 2005). Personally, mirror neurons have enabled me to be become a sensitive being to others by projecting myself in their predicaments. Finally, human neurons are the major drive towards the achievement of social status quo and modern human evolution trends.


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