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Development and progression of science was one of the key aspects that were closely monitored by Kuhn. This was because of the fact that the field of science is ever changing with development of new inventions and innovations as a result of research and other field studies. Kuhn developed interest in exploring how science progresses.

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The term paradigm shift was introduced as a result of revolution of science which was considered in terms of academic circles as well as popular circles. According to Kuhn, scientific fields do not undergo a linear or continuous progression but rather goes through paradigm shifts which are periodic in nature. These paradigm shifts allow scientists to create new approaches to understand a criterion they would have never considered valid before and advocate for acceptance of the concept through community consensus.   

The progress of science is specifically grouped into three separate and distinct stages. The first stage is known as prescience where there is no specific central paradigm. After this stage, a normal science stage follows where scientists develop central paradigm and attempt to enlarge it through a process known as puzzle solving. Since this stage is guided by a central paradigm, it appears to be extremely productive compared to the first stage. After this stage, revolutionary science stage sets in where anomalous results are developed and a new paradigm is created as the science reaches a crisis (that is if the results fail to conform to the paradigm). These anomalous results consolidate into one framework which is accepted to replace the old results and this is termed as revolutionary science.


It is indeed true that science is a revolutionary process that progresses from one period to the next. This is because of the many associated processes of confirmation of research results and enhancing community acceptance. Kuhn terms the periodic steps as paradigm shifts that are subject to criticism and approval before acceptance.


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