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Proportion is a dimensional term that is used as a comparative measure of two quantities. Proportion is used in the application the Law of Multiple Proportions which is the third postulate of Dalton's atomic theory. It states that, the masses of one element which combine with a fixed mass of the second element are in a ratio of whole numbers. For instance, two compounds made with two similar elements show a consistence in the two compounds.    

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Proportion can also be used to refer to the relation between construction elements and the entire building. Proportion is commonly used in architecture and designing of buildings where the stability of the entire building depends on the particular elements of the building. All the elements of the building should add up to make the whole building. The main goal of a proportional system is to create a sense of consistency and synchronization among the different elements of a structure.

Percentage is a mathematical term which mean out of one hundred and its short form is %. The percent of a number is calculated by multiplying the numeric value of the ratio by 100. In chemistry, percentage is used in the dilution of chemicals. For instance, to produce an acid of 40% concentration, you mix 60ml of distilled water for every 40ml of 100% concentrated acid.

Percentage is also used to represent the concentration of the different elements forming the solutions. The percentage concentration of each element shows how much of that element has constituted to form the whole compound. For example, air is generally composed of 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, 0.04% carbon dioxide and 0.93% rear gases. This gives te composition of air and how much of each element is in the air.


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