Free Radiological Weapons Essay Sample

Weapons in whatever form cause destruction and unrest among citizens. If there is even a slight rumor of a possible weapon at an area, the people around that area panic and there is usually so much tension until the area has completely been ruled out of danger. Weapon attacks lead to massive losses, loss of lives, and economic retrogression. If an area is prone to any form of attack, members of the public shun it and little or no activities take place in such. At times governments issue travel advisories against visiting high-risk areas or countries. 

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Nuclear Weapons are considered weapons of mass destruction. The weapons can cause destruction by causing an explosion, fire, and/ or radiation (Bhushan & Katyal, 2002). These weapons are rare to find and the countries with access to them must guard them diligently. The weapons have been used two times in the history of war in the world, and the amount of damage they caused was massive, that from that day, there use in war has been highly discouraged.

Radiological weapons cause effects by spreading radioactive properties; they may cause death or destruction at a place they are used (Egger, 2005). Radioactive effects may remain in the atmosphere for a long period. The effects of exposure increase the chances of one getting cancer; more so, thyroid cancer if most of the exposure was in the iodine element or leukemia if the exposure affects the bone marrow. The weapons also have a massive effect on the natural resources, for example, water, and the soil.

The Padilla case concerns Jose Padilla. He was arrested at the Chicago's O'Hare International Airport in 2002. He was alleged to be a member of a gang that was affiliated with global terror groups, and was accused of aiding terror groups. More specifically, he was accused of plotting to launch a radiological bomb attack. He was not convicted until 3yrs later. The initial charges of plotting to detonate a radiological weapon were dropped; the charges were later changed to financing terror groups. After a long research, it was discovered that he was a Muslim and had volunteered to work with the AL-Qaida in the weapons department. This case proves that there are loopholes and the American citizens are a likely target of becoming members of the terror group. The media in Padilla’s’ case, was focusing more on his affiliation of being an American citizen, and the rights he has as one, and they were ignoring the fact that even American citizens can become members of the Al-Qaida group.

It is possible for the Al-Qaida to invade a country using the radiologist weapons. As compared to nuclear, they are easier to obtain and handle. The main reason why the al-Qaida launches an attack is to cause destruction and kill; they could do these using any method available. According to the Herald, Padilla was found guilty for he had signed up to train with the Al-Qaida. This shows that, as a terror group, they have the technical knowhow of making and launching these weapons. The weapons are dangerous and their effects are long term. Nowadays, it has become hard to tell who the members of the terror group are as anyone can convert and become a member. They train their members on so many frontiers, and it takes a long time to launch an attack. The process is carefully planned, and by the time they are executing the attack, the process goes on smoothly. Furthermore, nuclear radiation is invisible and only detectable with special instruments; this makes it a weapon of choice for terrorists (Peter & Cheryl, 2004)  

To sum this up, peace around the world can never be overemphasized. The loss of lives is not necessary. Any form of weapon attacks should be highly dealt with, security should be beefed up, and thorough checks to minimize the illegal transportation of the weapons should be in place at all times. Any members of a community suspected to be members of an illegal terror group should be arrested. All materials that can be used to make the weapons should be carefully guarded to avoid pilferage. 


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