Free Scientific Problem Solving Approach Essay Sample


The scientific methods of solving problems involve the performing of the experiments, making the observations, and drawing the conclusions from the set of observations. While embracing the scientific methods in tackling problems, one has to follow the five necessary steps so as to reach to a viable conclusion. The first step of the scientific problem solving approach is the making of observations and the development of the question. In this case, the question should address the subject of interest that is being investigated. The second step involves the statement of the hypothesis, this is an informed assumption about what one thinks is likely to occur. The third step involves the performing of the experiment so as to establish the truth of the assumption. In this step, all materials including the detailed steps in the performance of the experiment should be strictly followed. The fourth step of the scientific approach the analysis of the results which are the facts and data collected from the experiment. The final step in the scientific problem solving approach is the drawing of conclusions with regard to the results. In the conclusion, one explains the findings and the establishment of whether the results obtained supports the hypothesis or not.

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Case scenario 1

In the event where I arrive home late at night, open the front door and switch on the lights and realize that the light does not come on, I will embrace the scientific approach in diagnosing the problem. First I will state the problem which is the failure of lights to come on is caused by the power blackout or the faulty electric circuit. Secondly, I will then gather the information about the likelihood of the cause of lack of electricity. This will include checking on the power circuit, the light bulbs, and the main switch. Thirdly, I will formulate the hypothesis mainly the null and the alternative hypothesis. By this, I will hold on the belief that the failure of the lights to come on is due to the faulty circuit in the main wiring system. In order to ascertain this I will proceed to my forth step which is to test my assumption. I will therefore turn on the generator and power the main circuit then turn on the main switch. My fifth step in using the scientific approach will be to make the conclusions. If the lights come on upon the connection of the generator then my null hypothesis will not hold, that the failure of the lights to come on is not as a result of the failure of the power circuits. The alternative hypothesis therefore will hold, and thus I will conclude that the failure of the lights to come on is due to the power blackout.

Case scenario 2

In the study of the black body radiations, we are interested to learn the effect of heat in black bodies. An experiment is therefore set up to investigate the absorption and emission of heat by the black bodies as compared to the bright bodies.  In order to investigate this, water is placed in two cups which are mainly black and white cups.  First, the problem is stated that will water in the white cup get hotter faster or the water in the black cup. Secondly, the information regarding the absorption of heat by the same contents in different cups is gathered. Thirdly, the hypothesis is stated, by for instance holding on the assumption that the water in the black cup will get hotter. The fourth step will be to test the hypothesis; this is done by obtaining two cups of the same shape and size, these two cups should be different in colors a black and a white cup. The two cups are then filled with the same amounts of water having the same temperature. The two cups of water are then subjected to sunlight for one hour after which the respective temperatures are taken by the use of a thermometer. Finally, the conclusion is drawn from the results whereby if the temperature of the water in the black cup is higher than the temperature of water in the white cup, the hypothesis holds. This will imply that the black bodies absorb heat faster than the relatively brighter bodies.


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