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Sleep has been described as a naturally reappearing phenomenon that s characterized by lack of consciousness or inactivity of almost all the instinctive muscles

Even though our brains may be very active during sleep, our every day functioning, our mental and physical health are affected in several ways (Stevenson 190). Sleep is experienced in five stages; the first stage is the light stage where the individual starts to enter into sleep and eyes and muscle start to move slowly. The second stage is experienced when the movements of the eyes and muscles stop. The third and fourth stages are characterized by tremendous slow intelligence waves and are both called deep sleep. In these stages, no eye or muscle movements are experienced. The REM is the fifth stage and it is characterized by more rapid breathing, rapid eye movements and muscles experience momentarily paralyzed (Stevenson 195).

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This research is helpful to the society in that it help individuals realize the importance of sleep, and how to well manage their time so that they can set apart some adequate time for sleeping. The research will also help individuals to regulate their sleeping schedule so that they neither over sleep or sleep too little because there are both negative and positive effects associated with these (Radiolab Segment 4: Sleep). However, they both increase the risks of death when overdone. The research is very educative to people of all age. It helps individuals to realize the importance of sleep and the consequences that accompany lack of it. However, this may make life more difficult since some people are not able to make proper sleep adjustment and may end up sleeping too little or over sleep.

My thoughts on the topic of podcast are that it is the best means of communication since it has helped me to refresh my concentration as I was listening to it. The topic has also helped me to learn many things that I had no idea of before. Some of the things that I have learned are that; different people need different amount of sleep depending on the age and the activities they engage in. for instance, infants need more hours of sleeping than adults. Pregnant women also need extra sleeping hour in the first three months than they usually do (Radiolab Segment 4: Sleep). Generally people who are deprived of sleeping in the previous days may require more sleep in the following days. Studies have proved that sleep is essential for the functioning of our nervous systems and growth. When we do not get enough sleep, we loose concentration on the following day. Lack of sleep may also result into damaged memory leading to reduced capabilities of performing mathematical calculations (Idzikowski 6).

I have also learned that every individual dreams for at least two hours in every night

Dreaming is the imaged experience of the sensory sounds and images while sleeping. Such actions occur in a sequence that makes the dreamer become more of a participant than an observer (Radiolab Segment 4: Sleep). Typically, dreaming occurs during the REM stage of sleep. Researchers have postulated that dreams express frustrated desires that are registered in the unconscious mind. When a person ventures into dream, they uncover these desires and interpret them in terms of psychoanalysis.

Another thing that I have also learned in this topic is that certain foods and drinks have some influence on sleep

Drinks that contain stimulants such as caffeine keeps an individual awake thus hey should be avoided when one prepares to go to sleep. Drinks that contain caffeine include; chocolate, diet drugs, soft drinks, coffee and non-herbal teas among others.  Alcohol and cigarettes should also be avoided since they rob off the deep sleep (Idzikowski 37).  This has helped me to change my way of thinking in future in that I have realized the importance of sleep and good practices that lead to health sleeping. I therefore plan to change my sleeping habit since at this rate I may suffer some sleep disorders in future.


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