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Technological advancements are happening daily and have seen an increase in teachers’ option for using it as classroom resource as well as a learning tool. As technology advancements continue, so does the potential to communicate for teachers, parents, students, and the global community. This paper will discuss on how technology can be used to communicate in a classroom setting with all engaged groups in an educational setting.

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Drafting a Communications Plan

Experts have asserted that technology has a reciprocal relationship with teaching and the emergence of new technologies has pushed educators to leverage and understand these technologies for use in classroom (Klopfer et al, 2009). It is, however, vital that education leverages the power of emerging technologies for instructional gain. Huan et al (2011) present a course design that can be used for online courses. Examples here include the use of such products as WebCT, Desire2Learn, where important information is posted. Announcements, faculty information, syllabus, exam quizzes, external links, grades, and course tools are some of the important information posted. We need to design the learning materials properly so as to engage the students’ learning experiences.

My communications plan for teaching first years will include determining how familiar the students are with the type of technology we will be using. This will include surveying the students and understanding which technology they are familiar with, and, eventually, setting such websites like that is an online interaction forum for teachers and students, who can engage in curriculum discussion. Teachers can upload articles and post links for students. Huan et al (2011) call this a synchronized teaching lesson, where the teacher is able to interact with students in “real time” like, for instance, the use of Wimba Pronto. Wimba Pronto has such features like audio calling, application sharing, help desks, video calling and queued chats.

Internet can also be used during class time to display information using a projector especially in showing clips, images that relate to the subject matter. Murray (2011) asserts that given the iPad’s popularity, educational proponents need to re-tool it to be used in classrooms and transform teaching and learning. iPad has the capacity to enable students to use emails, or access information on pdf documents. It is possible that a teacher may not be there physically in class, but still can deliver learning materials through PowerPoint-presentations, emails or videophones for some interactivity (Huan et al., 2011).

Another way involves downloading a Google groups or Edmodo application, or simply creating a website. This is because these provide safe networking classroom applications that are not only easy to use but also are easily accessible in classroom. One may use Edmodo and Google to create and write essay, share assignments with teachers, parents and other peers. Having created a group in Google or Edmodo, I will give it a description, name, and its subject area. If I am using blogs, I will urge all students to set up their own Blogger and instruct them through the process if they find any difficulties. 

I will then create an assignment and specifying a title, description and its due date. If it belongs to a certain group, I will then indicate the specific group(s) the assignment is written to and it will then advise students to follow the assignment specifications and complete it as per its due date.   

Today’s classroom is a different environment altogether than those used by the previous generations. This is especially attributed to digital tools that are more accessible and are used to improve learning experiences for not only students, but also teachers, parents, and the global community. Technology allows people to access learning materials, simple communication tools, and other advanced creative mediums. 


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