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Media has promoted two research areas due to  its negativity to science which are;images of science and technology and media effects on public perceptions on science and technology.according to media scientist is an evil and violent figure outside the rules and of normal society. They are powerless doing dirty work for big business or military. Common images of scientist show how they differ from ohter humans. Science in general is seen as mysterous, magical or dangerous. Yet Long and Stankefound instances where science and technology were shown as truthful or solutions to problems. It is shwon as a sacred field for qualified individuals. Media portlay scientist as having the ability to solve social problems and improve on life. They work alone and are highly killed than any other group.

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Media even though associated with perceptions of science by virtue of what they have their effects may be associated working through the concept of science knowledge.scientists and policy makers assume that science knowledge enables individuals sort through misinformation,and claims that emerge during science and technology disputes.warnings have been made by scientists fit with civic science literacy which holds the knowledge of basic scientific ideas and concepts on the outcomes of science and technology. Complexity of society and the increasing number of science and technology related contoversies, makes general public science literacy an essential component of public participation,informed public policy, and support for science. Knowledge according to Miller(2001) is negatively related to reservations and positively related to promise. When formal education in science ends, media is the only available source  fo information about science and technology. Scholars have argued thatincreased familiarity with science is accompanied by realizations that one cannot follow the complexities of scientific arguments.   

Scientist and science are shown as unusual implacationbeing scince is not a common knowledge.respondents hold them in high regard and teenagers and childrenpercieve them as,that is, magazines tv's and newspapers have shown the impact of science and technology as having both advantages and disadvantages. The negative images of science on media appear to generate scientific reservationswhile tv shows science as has been conducted on factual questions including true and forse asked on science matter and science as a process or mode of inquiry.

Gender is an important variable influencing perception. Women are less likely to use media that foster informal learning about science and have lower levels of the actual knowledge of science. They are therefore likely to believe in the promise of science. Individuals with higher educationuse media more frequently and have a good knowledge of science hence dont hold reservationon science but believe in the promise of science. Media do a damage to the public perceptions of science for example in television there is a positive relationship between general television viewing and reservations about science.general viewing increases reservations about science and technology.

Reservations concerning science and technology has four demerits which should be looked upon. These are; that science makes our way of life change so fast, the benefit of scientific research have outweighed the harmful results, that we depend too much on science and forget there is God and that we must know about science in our daily lives.

Belief on the promise of science and technology on the other hand reflect on  different atatements. Because of science and technology,there will be more opportunities for the next generations. Science and technology are making our lives healthier, easier, and more comfortable. Most of the scientists today work on things that will make our life better for the average person. Work becomes simple and more interesting with the application of science and technology.


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