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According to Wikipedia, the Terrestrial Planet Finder (TPF) was a project being piloted by National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) that aimed at constructing a system of telescopes that will facilitate the detection of the extra solar global planets (Wikipedia, 2010). TPF is believed to be using acollection of highly sensitive telescopes with employs revolutionary imaging technologies in its operations. The collection of the telescopes has the potential to take measurements of the size, temperature and possibly the orbital parameters of the planets that may be as small as our planet earth in the located in some distance in the habitable zones in the solar system. The TPF's technology especially the spectroscopic potential will be enormous in helping the atmospheric biologists and chemists use a given quantity of gases like water vapor, ozone, methane and carbon dioxide in examination the life support potential of a given planet.  The launch is expected to be between the 2012 and 2015 period (planet quest, 2010).

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TPF concept is based on two corresponding observations that would be able to look at all the aspects of the planets outside the normal solar system. The study will encompass the formation process and the development process of the disks made of gas and dust around the new formed stars. Further examination will be carried out on composition of the formed bodies especially on the support of life. The study will heavily improve our understanding of the features and properties of the terrestrial bodies (terrestrial-planet-finder, 2010). Scientists will be able to provide vivid information on the properties of the constituents of the planetary system. Information on properties of debris disks, gas giant orbital properties, and terrestrial planet will be clearly availed to the masses. The main motivation for the project is the potential of the program to study and carry out comparisons across the planetary system and the orbital locations in the existing and possibly new solar systems. Apart from the detection and studies on the distant planets, the TPF's observatory capability to detect an earth orbits around a near star will also be important source of information for astrophysics.


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