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Venus is a planet in the Solar System that appears like a bright star in the western sky in February and March during the early evenings (Kruesi, 2012). Late in March, Venus reaches its greatest elongation, which means that the planet attains a greatest angle away from the Sun as people observe it from the Earth. Venus will be 410 from the Sun on March 27, 2012 and will shine at magnitude of about - 4.4 (Kruesi, 2012). Just after the greatest elongation in March, the planet continues to dazzle with other planets, such as Jupiter. This planet lies among other stars, but it is extremely easy to spot it because of being distinct with its dazzling nature (Kruesi, 2012).

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In early spring, the location of Venus is extremely high up the sky due to the steep angle of the Sun’s ecliptic path that the planet closely follows (Kruesi, 2012). Through the next few months after March 27, 2012, Venus will remain bright in the evening sky. March 2012 holds the best planetary concurrence of the year (Kruesi, 2012). Magnitude – 4.4 Venus appeared less than magnitude – 2.1 Jupiter in the western sky. However, according to astronomers, the next planetary concurrence to rival the one in March, will occur in October 2015 (Kruesi, 2012).

Venus makes a complete revolution around the sun in 225 Earth days. This planet has a diameter of about 12104 kilometers, which is about ninety-five percent that of the Earth. Venus spins on its axis in a clockwise direction once after every 243 days (Kruesi, 2012). Therefore, Venus spins in the opposite direction of the Earth's rotation, as the Sun rises in West and sets in the east. The atmosphere of Venus consists of sulfuric acid clouds that reflect sunlight almost perfectly. Venus resembles the Moon by having phases, which are visible by use of a telescope (Kruesi, 2012).   


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