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Early warning is a system that acts as a communication tool to scientists and other concerned parties. Warning is a preventive measure used before a disastrous event occurs. This helps in mitigating the amount of loss, the magnitude of damage, minimizing economic and social impacts of the volcanic action (Marti & Ernest 2005). The governing bodies in volcano prone areas should collaborate with the scientist, the local community and Federal agencies, academic partners, and the general public in collection and dissemination of information.

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National volcano early warning system has led to the accomplishment of the reduction of several objectives namely; reduction of loss of life, damage to property, infrastructure destruction, disruption of normal livelihood and also economic disruption. Scientific and technical capabilities of disaster identification and forecasting, participation of policy makers and effective communication channels are vital needs in early warning system (Zschau & Kuppers 2003). Areas that are prone to disaster or they face frequent but low probability events require a multi hazard early warning systems that is cost effective and increases efficiency (Marti & Ernest 2005).

The National volcano early warning system was designed with an aim of reducing the vulnerability to volcanic hazards which involves; a national volcano data center, Improved research collaboration between Federal and academic scientists High-quality data sets for volcano logical research, A 24/7 Volcano Watch Office Robust and  real-time monitoring of the most threatening of the Nation’s volcanoes (Zschau & Kuppers 2003).The respective governing bodies use land use planning as a measure for the needs of the society and safeguarding the natural resources. It selects safe evacuation sites, zones land into high hazard zones, moderate and low hazards zones.

The National volcano early warning system helps in representing the true hazards of a volcano through the study of volcanoes done by qualified scientist. Scientists from the Volcano Hazards Program, carry out broad field surveys, conduct educational field trips, and install monitoring equipment at various volcanoes. These activities help scientists and educators understand volcanic processes, News monitoring and evaluation process provides timely and accurate peril identification (National Research Council, U.S. 2001). Monitoring contains an intrinsic research element by providing essential observations and dimensions crucial for developing and testing models of volcanic processes and to improve monitoring methods. It also disseminates information to people so that they can take the necessary measures to mitigate impacts of disastrous event.

National volcano early warning system provides a common framework for coordinating the collection and dissemination of data among all relevant stakeholders. Community Preparedness and improved community outreach is vital in helping the community be ready for any sign of disaster occurrence and also help in understanding the information associated with volcanoes. Some hazardous volcanoes have no ground-based monitoring and therefore it’s hard to predict on any volcanic activity on them (Marti & Ernest 2005).

The National volcano early warning system      aims to reduce vulnerability to volcanic hazards by providing improved research collaboration between Federal and academic scientists, A National Volcano Data Center, High-quality data sets for volcano related research among others. It addresses the disaster reduction goals by providing disaster and peril information at the right time and to all stakeholders and by developing mitigation technologies and strategies (National Research Council, U.S. 2001). Effective communication channels and monitoring processes are vital tools in generating timely and accurate hazard identification and informing mechanism so that mitigation measures can be taken where and when required.


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