Free Wind in Costal and Mountainous Regions Essay Sample

Wind is air in motion which occurs on large scale on earth's surface. According to Alan, (2000) he points out that there are many types of winds and  are determined and classified by their speed, the type of force which causes them and the geographical region which they come from, as well as the effect which they cause. The direction on which wind flows also is important in determining the type of winds.  In coastal regions and mountainous regions Local breezes generally experienced. They are caused by heating and cooling effect of the earth surface and water masses both of them have effects which last for few hours.

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Stephen (1924) tries to put to light the matter on question by explaining that, major cause of winds flow is the differential pressure gradient. Pressure gradient is caused by temperature variation which occurs due to heating effect of the sun. At day time, ground surface absorbs sun's radiations and heats on more quickly than water because of high specific heat capacity difference of water; the pressure on ground is less than that over the sea, this difference causes the air to flow from sea to land. During night periods, land surface cools off faster than water surface, due to relatively high pressure over the land surface, wind flows from land to sea. This explains the main reason as to why coastal areas are much windier than other geographical places of similar latitudes.

According to Robert (1999) the air pressure at lower lands is low during the day time. As compared to mountainous regions, which have higher which have high pressure. He explains that the lower lands are relatively warmer than the surrounding mountainous regions because more heat radiation from sun is absorbed during day time hence warming the grounds surface faster than high lands. The temperature raises results to differential pressure which causes wind to flow from mountainous regions which have high pressure to lowlands surfaces which have low pressure. Thus, this explains the reason as to why these regions are windier in comparison to locations of the same latitudes elsewhere.


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