Free Aspects of NMR Logging Essay Sample

Nuclear magnetic resonance is a technology used in many fields including the medical arena, because of its ability to attract and re-emit electromagnetic charges which in turn allows for the observation of particular magnetic properties in substances. The technology is widely used in the study of molecular particles and their properties. Among one of the important aspects of nuclear magnetic resonance is the fact that the frequency of particular substances is always directly proportional to the strength applied by the magnetic field. This is the aspect that enables imaging of specific nuclei.

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Some of the beneficiaries of this phenomenon technology include the oil industry and its subsequent industry players. Because of NMR, it is possible for oil companies to properly evaluate and characterize fluids during reservoir assessment which helps in determining production feasibility of these particular reservoirs. It is also the ability of the technology to provide accurate and concise measurements that petroleum engineers exploit in the completion of well designs and consequent development of reservoirs.

The technology uses different techniques to facilitate the drilling or logging of oil. One of these techniques is called the Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. Through this technique, it is possible to obtain chemical, physical, structural and electronic information pertaining molecules. This information is in detailed form as the technique completely analyzes and presents dynamic and structural information of molecules both in the solid state and in solution form. It has helped engineers obtain structural and dynamic information of these molecules without having to depend on Magic angle spinning or MAS.

There are other techniques that the technology applies such as; the continuous wave technique, the Fourier transformation spectroscopy, the solid state Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and the multi dimensional nuclear magnetic spectroscopy. Al l these techniques allow for the speedy presentation and analysis of relevant data in relation to oil wells and reservoirs.


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