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The central processing unit or the CPU or processor in computers is often described as the brains of the computers. Being the brains in almost all modern gadgets of computing, the central processing unit is a very important component of every tablet, phone, laptop and desktop. The central processing unit crunches digits and allocates the tasks. It is one of the major components of hardware that decide the thickness of laptops or even the longevity of phone’s battery. The CPU plays the following roles in running of computer programs. These are; the interpretation of information fed into the computer and processing the information to give out data. Most processors perform a basic operation which is executing programs. In the computer language, programs are characterized as number sequences of one’s or zeros. Central processing units follow pre-determined steps in carrying out their operations, these steps are; fetching, decoding, executing and writing back.

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In the fetch step, this is where the instruction is retrieved; this step also establishes what the CPU is to do. The next step is decoding the instruction so that the processor can establish what instructions are to follow and their respective order. These instructions are further fragmented down to fractions that are important to particular segments of the processor. After the fetching and decoding step are successfully completed, the processor goes to the execution step. The various segments of the processor are interconnected to carry out the necessary operation. Finally, this paves way for the last step; the writing back step. In this final step the CPU simply reports back the activities it has done, and this is stored in its memory.

Another exciting thing about computer processors is the ‘clock rate’. This is a special character of processors that gives them their speed in processing information. Clock rate is calculated by the number of cycles made per second, usually measured in hertz. This would therefore imply that a higher the clock rate, gives the computer processor a higher and faster speed of performance.

Over the years, there have been remarkable improvements done on the computer processors to achieve an overall efficiency and speed of doing things with the computer. A more recent innovation was carried out by engineers from North Carolina State University where they have come up with a way of fusing the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) and the Central processing unit on a single chip. By successfully doing this it is projected that the performance of the processor would be increased by over 20 percent. In this new technique, the GPU cores are allowed to carry out computational tasks while the CPU cores are allowed to pre-fetch the information needed by the GPU. Having such an arrangement gives computers more efficiency because it permits the GPU and CPU work at their best complimenting each other. This approach is deemed to be more beneficial in that, it subsequently reduces the cost of manufacturing and ultimately leads to the making of energy efficient computers. By the start of 2012, companies that have specialized in the manufacture of processors have unveiled improved processors thus advancing the technology of computers. AMD, a company that has specialized in the manufacture of processors has unveiled yet a new improvement to its GPU arrays. The new improvements are AMD Radeon ™ HD 7870 and 7850 GHz Edition graphic cards. These two graphic cards feature one of AMD’s spectacular Graphics Core Next Architecture (GCN) for super efficiency and performance. The AMD Radeon ™ HD 7800 is normally fitted with PCI Express ® 3.0 and the amazing AMD ZeroCore Power technology. Gamers can indulge in gaming, change the settings and enlarge their gaming with AMD Eye-finity 2.0 technology. The AMD Radeon HD 7870 GHz Edition and AMD Radeon HD 7850 GPUs comes fitted with 2GBs of GDDR5 memory. These ranges of advanced graphic cards are bound to take computer gaming to yet a whole new level.

Qualcomm Incorporated is yet another company that has made sure that processors remain top-notch with remarkable and improved efficiency. Qualcomm launched the Pro version of the Snapdragon™ S4 processor.  The Snapdragon™ is specially designed having slightly over 120 OEM, a feat that has raised the bar in the industry benchmarking and performance. The S4 processor has a unique feature called the Adreno 320 GP, which is responsible for displays with higher resolutions as well as software and hardware compatibility. The Adreno 320 GP is a type of high performing programmable Graphics Processing Unit, however it is has a times four performance. The improved performance is experienced in ease of web browsing, improved gaming, and user interfaces. The S4 Pro version is also infused with the Adreno 320 and together they present new multi-media capabilities. The S4 Pro Version has undergone optimization and works well with some of the advanced and recent operating systems such as windows 8. In general this processor brings to the fore increased performance, global connectivity, energy efficiency and flexibility.

In conclusion, it is beyond doubt that indeed there are more exciting and amazing things about the computers that we can write about. It is even more amazing that every day, there are many improvements made in the computers to improve them.


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