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As the world increasingly continue to rely on online services they expect that they are always available securely at all time sin all places. To achieve such increasing demand services and infrastructure of the digital society cooperate and leads to a complex interdependent and mashed-ups services which are prone to cyber attack and this scenario pose a security threat to future world. Most of the online service providers are least or not all protected from any dubious intentional digital attacks.

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One of the major potential future security issues is the possibility of internet terrorism and digital associated attacks as a result of increased and uncontrolled use of internet services including the social websites and storage of essential information in online data bases. This massive computer revolution leads to interaction of smart devices leading to sharing of significant amounts of sensitive information and in many cases leads to hacking and misuse of such information. In such case acts of terrorism and internet attacks on selected targets are prone and can lead to high insecurity in the world. Most of the societies in the developing world are embracing the new revolution and measures to counter any online security threats are still basic or no at all.

To control such security threats current governments should collaborate to develop and adopt policies and laws that promote data management and protection and increased use of bi-modal person authentication methods like the use of biometrics and more reliable digital signatures. Also there is need for governmental to conduct security and privacy impact assessments and trials of new technologies before they are deployed for use. More research should be done on cloud computing,systems for diagnosis, detection being done real-time, wireless network for the future and development of advanced sensor networks.


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