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Change in the lifestyle of people today means that more and more people are living in the fast lane and have less time in their hands to finish all the tasks they have in one day. Advancements in technology have also made it easier to do monetary transactions at a faster and more convenient way. These changes finally brought about the use of credit cards which have taken over the use of cash money in buying or doing business the world over.

Credit cards enable one to shop and pay for goods and services without the worry that one has no money at hand. This is because one is even able to overdraft their premium amount on the credit card thus making it possible to buy goods and services needed even when one is broke. A disadvantage of this is that more and more people tend to spend more than they can afford since one cannot see the money physically. It is important to note that credit card companies are nowadays targeting schools and colleges to recruit more clients. This can be an advantage to the students who have money in their bank accounts and do not want the inconvenience of dealing with cash considering it can get lost, be stolen and is bulky and it's a danger to walk around with a lot of cash.

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The credit card companies are taking advantage of the students in college when they advertise in this institutions because they are well aware of the fact that students do not know how to handle the cards in a controlled manner thus are more likely to overspend on their credit cards which then becomes an advantage to the company as they gain more when one repays the over drafted moneys. It is sad to note

that most of the credit card companies advertising their services to college students have the highest interest rates against their cards. Campus' students are young people who have not had a chance to earn money before thus are attracted to the fact that there is a seemingly easy way to spend money even when they do not have it. Students will obviously be attracted to the fact that they can shop and buy whatever they want even when they are short of cash. The card companies will sell the card idea to the students with the ill intention of gaining even more when the students surpass the grace period agreed upon on the agreement.

Considering that the agreement terms are always contained in a long piece of literature written in the smallest font and found on the back page of the agreement makes many people to overlook it thus are shocked when the credit card bill is delivered to them. Preying on youngsters is wrong and should not be tolerated and as such these companies have to be kept off the campus premises to secure students in general until they are more educated on how to handle money and live within a budget.


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