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E-Books or electronic books are books that can be downloaded from the internet. The whole book is stored as a computer file and can be read at any time simply by scrolling from one line to another or by printing on a printer which costs money.

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Various factors have influenced the development of E-books as a favorite tool for obtaining information. Readers for instance have an interest in having expanded access to electronic resources. Most people tend to choose E-books because they have unlimited simultaneous users for any particular title or for the service overall. E-books also offer unrestricted searching and viewing of the research materials. E-books offer multidisciplinary content and diversity across subject areas. Through PDF technology, it is possible to both view and print materials while still maintaining their original appearance (The Joint Information Systems Committee).

Once a book has been converted to an electric book, it can either be transmitted or stored at minimum costs and the process will not be harmful to the environment. This new technology replaces the use of regular books/ paper books that take a lot of shelf space and the updated records can be downloaded and accessed immediately. These electronic books can be enhanced with sound, animation; live hyperlinks and simulation capabilities and they can be carried and accessed anywhere using a portable personal computer or eBook reading device.

To the print media corporation, the use of e books gives greater longevity for slower sales. For instance, the electronic storage affords the unlimited archiving whereas the old paper publishers remove the slow movers from active state. On the other hand, the electronic books sell fewer copies than the paper works up to date. Many people in the world are not aware of the e publishing others prefer using printed books (What is E-Publishing?).


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