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Technology can be defined as the utilization of methodological know-how in the search for solutions to day to day problems. A lot of resources have been committed to inquiries and improvement of effective methods of handling tasks. Technology is an amorphous word given the fact that it is applicable in all sectors of life. Generally, advancement in technology affects not only human beings but also animals and the entire environment. On the mention of current technology, we think of the celebrated impact it has brought to the lives of human beings without regard to the laziness which comes alongside it.

This paper describes the era whereby technology is the order of the day. It seeks to explore the latest trends in technology as well as their impact. Technology has evolved over time since the formation of the earth. Man has always wanted to devise means of improving the living conditions.  Different eras have seen the technology evolve, from the ancient Paleolithic era beyond 1,000 B.C. through to the emerging technologies of the 21st Century.

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The latest focus on the technology is in Information and Communication. The earlier man was inefficient because of less technological possibilities. Absence of computers and underdeveloped transport system characterized this era. Lifestyle has since completely changed because of technological innovations. Daily exercise formed an obvious part of the regular physical exercise.  The transfer of information has undergone a major revolution with the presence of internet. With just a click, information is able to move through miles. Since information forms an integral part of development, its availability has inspired development in various parts of the world. The spread of technology from one region to others can be identified as another factor through which development has been realized in the entire world. No one could ever think of communicating with a person distance away without having to write and deliver a letter. The might of cellular technology has brought about the ability to pass information through wireless media. Communication applications available through internet provides tremendous pace in long-distance communication.

There has been high dependence on technology of late. A lot of efforts are being dedicated to the replacement of human intellect by the computers. Introduction of robots and computer aided processing like CNC machining has provided a way of edging out human brains. It is also worth mentioning that the emerging technologies have been able to tap from artificial intelligence as applied in various fields.

Undoubtedly, changes in technology have far reaching impacts on the social aspects of society. Many people were displaced as a result of industrial revolution thereby resulting in settlements around the factories. Traders on the other side benefited much from merchandise generated from displaced population. Lifestyles changed considerably with the middle class who were working hard to meet the needs of their families. Long working hours, poor conditions and insecurity characterized the lives of peasant workers in this era of industrial revolution.

Advancements in technology are not evenly distributed in the society. Those with sufficient economic power are in a better position of utilizing relevant technology towards accumulation of more wealth. The undesirable line has thus been drawn between the haves and the have-nots. It is also important to note that war and territorial conflicts have fueled the technology and innovation. Sophisticated weapons are continually being improved by major economies in a bid to protect their international supremacy. "Nations make war the same way they make wealth," Cebrowski and Garstka wrote. Cebrowski was a Navy captain while Garstka was an Air Force captain in the United States Army.

As at now, the use of technology has also been detrimental to the society. It has become a rare privilege to occupy land. Everyone must work extra hard so as to meet the basic needs. The focus of many organizations has been the use of technology in fostering the supply of food and clothing. This has resulted in spirited research in biotechnology which has given birth to genetically modified organisms. The dangerous side of genetic modification is that there if no mechanism of retrieving the organism after being availed to the environment. For instance, aquatic organisms that have been genetically modified are able to grow ten times faster than the normal ones. The water resources are being destroyed since the unfair modification advantage will see the normal organisms get extinct.

 On the other hand, crops that are genetically modified depend so much on pesticides which adulterate organic seeds. It will not be possible to harvest the seeds and use them for planting meaning that the farming communities are going to incur an extra cost in procurement of certified and viable seeds. It is totally unfair for the greedy organizations that want to have a sole monopoly over our wellbeing and at the same time have a total disregard to the irrevocable injuries done to the society.  

Internet as it is now, allows for free exchange of information. There is no government who has stepped in to put regulations on the use of internet. It thus provides an enabling environment for computer criminals and hackers. These attributes of internet has brought about revolution technologically in this new era of information. The corporations which has adapted to the use of advancements in technology have realized unprecedented profits, while those which maintained status quo are being edged out of business. Consumers are bound to benefit a lot from e-commerce because the efficiency resulting from the indirect contact with the traders. Contact details of companies are readily available from search engines. From then on, the two can start trading without further ado. National boundaries are dissolved by the internet bringing about conversion of the world in to a global village.  There is an emerging race in the world bound by the internet. In his article, Howard terms this as a virtual community.

 Technological change is totally inevitable. If you cannot be part of the revolutionary tide, then it is going to sweep your feet. Business may be done without reliance on the internet and an elaborate communication channel backed by information technology. But if the business is to compete equally with others, it must embrace the use of resent technologies by developing their websites and having email addresses.

Despite all these marvelous results of information technology revolution, there are negative impacts too. Thinking that the technological application has been a boon to humanity is a narrow focused approach. The presence of internet has given a lee way to unethical practices summarized as internet crimes. When the young are exposed to the internet in their formative ages, they are going to develop an addiction. The internet also lacks restriction because it is an open forum.  It is evident also that the dreaded effects of global warming are as a result of technological revolution of the 20th century and beyond.

 The world is richer at an expense of environmental degradation. Automation and mechanization of industrial and farming processes have pushed people away from physical work to the simple machines control. There is unprecedented rise on the number of white collar professionals. Majority are involved in the management rather than on the actual production. As a matter of fact there are technology has taking big strides and has seen more counting the maize than those farming them.

In conclusion, innovations in different fields have led to improved technology. There is no clear cut between a technical know-how on areas of specialization to the other. An optimum utilization of technology is the one that allows for intertwining of various discoveries. Technology can be summarized as a root of growth of current society and it is manipulating the world population just as Roman Caesars thought of.


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