Free Imaginative Uses of PDAs for Gardening Essay Sample

In the recent past, there has been widespread ownership and use of personal digital assistants, PDAs, meaning that the use and learning for this device is no longer the preserve of technical experts and researchers alone. With the availability of this device, imagination has always been the hallmark of creativity and efforts have been put to place to merge mobile technologies to everyday use with new exciting programs being invented. For gardeners, they have discovered several ways to use this electronic technology to develop their gardens and this essay will look at how gardeners are employing imaginative uses of PDAs for gardening.

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Uses of PDAs in Gardening  

Different people use the PDA in gardening in different ways and for different purposes. For one who is starting gardening, the PDA can be used for appointments, to take notes, check for addresses and check out his schedule no matter where one is so that later s/he can plug the PDA to the computer and transfer the information to the computer. The PDA can also be used to write down ideas and notes about a customer's specifications on the type of landscape they want. With the use of a digital camera, one can take pictures of the specific plants and also of the jobs completed in landscaping so that they can be shown to prospective clients through a slideshow. Some gardeners use the PDA with another program called convert which enables them to calculate the amount of pesticide to use when needed in small quantities. The PDA can also be used to add notes to scanned garden planner and then put into the word processor, this way notes can be added on the progress of the garden as desired; weekly or daily. Because the PDA comes with electronic entertainment, one can take a break and enjoy listening to music, read e-books on gardening or read emails from clients.

Technology can form a big part of the life of a gardener. It saves time, reminds the gardener of important things and dates, and makes a gardener more effective and efficient. Notes and other information like scanned pictures and landscapes can be stored permanently so as to appeal to a wider clientele. A gardener can enjoy listening to music from his/her PDA as one does conversion on the amount of fertilizer is needed directly by the PDA.


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