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Varying views for the rejection or adoption of technology usually fall into different categories. There are those who cite the basic disadvantages and shortcomings of current technology and others reject the nature of technological progress and advancement. This includes the, communal view, psychological, and environmental views over technology. People often argue that current technology, especially the Internet, has changed how the people think and live. While this new technology is being embraced in significantly increasing trends, over a billion people online worldwide. Some societies and people take it with suspicion, while a much larger number lack the economical capability or knowledge to utilize the technological advantages. Those who tend to reject modern technology are quite a small proportion. The distrust of technological electronics and machines is a theme, which overshadows people's culture.

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This essay advocates taking an analytical perception of technology and shortcomings or views that many are taken for granted. The arguments put forth by those with different views on technology should not be acknowledged without a critical insight into their views. The views they address deserve proper discussions and considerations. Some argue that industrial technologies have for sometime destabilized the society, making life of people unfulfilled. The technology might have subjected the people to lower their dignities, result to spreading of even mental suffering. Even in the developing world, it has caused physical suffering and has posed excess damage to the natural. It is argued that these technological machines and humans are incompatible. For instance Nicols Fox and Theodore Kaczynski do not agree in that, except the in the idea that technology is negatively affecting the community and personal, mental, physical and social well-being.

In the other pint of view, the Internet for example, has the capability and influence on integrating information, communication, and entertainment into one. The use of computer and the levels of literacy will be in the near future therefore, vital and essential for the survival and success in the future economy. However, becoming only dependent on one particular source of communication or technology has risks associated. It is therefore, important to have a variety of technologies because a particular one may fail.

There are also important considerations on how technology can affect education and economic changes whether positive or negative. For example, Rob Kling raises issues of technology on, work life, health education, economy, privacy, gender biases, and human safety. These issues among others may be affected by technology positively or negatively. Albert Einstein an artist says, "I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world." He refers that the imaginations that encircle the world is shared through technological advancement like improved means of communication. The developed drawing software has helped him in his artistic. Creativity therefore, like in technology is important in harnessing the basic knowledge.

Many developed countries have worked to advance technology over a long time to perform many tasks faster and effectively. Most of the nation have achieved much success in improving desirable infrastructure and achieve continuous progress because of advanced technology before any other nations like the developed and developing world. At the current century, every country struggles to get the newest technology for the benefit of its people. Technological advancement is therefore, essential in areas of business, education healthcare, and environment. Technological strive by many nations thus creates an insight that there could be greater importance of technological advancement.

However, some technological developments should not be embraced every time as it comes. Other technologies are as good as affecting human life adversely as it can affect it positively. It may pose threats to human health, education, business and even environmental damage may occur. Technology is as bad as good it may be. It is not always that technology is good or bad but depends on the situation and place it is applied. In an attempt to have critical analysis of how technology has changed life style in general, we need to put into consideration the point that depending on the way we use, technology is important or even harmful to society.

Technological developments have really shaped lives over many spheres of life for some time. Having the knowledge on the importance of technology is essential because technology has helped people and nations in all occupations of life. Can we imagine how the human life could be without technologically advances in electronics and machines like; computers, phones, cars, machines and cameras? It is therefore, imperative to acknowledge that our duty is to keep up the advancement in technology for the benefit of individuals, societies, communities and the entire world.


It is challenging and hard to turn down the effects that technology has had on the human life and the environment. It is perceived by many that current technology, especially the Internet, has changed how the people think and live. Remarkable advances in technology have at times lead to pleasant and health lives, high agricultural output, effective, and quick communication and other notable improvements. It is eminent therefore, that without technology, the Earth could not be able to support the population. Notably the advancement in technology might also result to damage in the environment and human life. For example, the impact of internet on people may result to social disorientation and poor interaction or even verbal communication. It may also have caused adverse effects on human health like through radiation.


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