Free Local winds In Electricity Generation Essay Sample

Local winds are winds of local origin that tend to blow over a relatively small area and are caused by temperature differences. The three local winds are synoptic winds, gradient winds and prevailing winds. Synoptic coastal winds are the most reliable and the towers don't need to be that big.

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Fox Islands Wind Project

The project consists of three General Electric 1.5MW turbines that are expected to generate about 10 million kilowatt hours annually; as much power as the Fox Islands use. Winds tend to blow harder in the winter than in the summer therefore the project will be able to provide enough electricity during winter but during summer, it may not be sufficient although some electricity will be generated. Power is transmitted to and from the mainland, New England through the submarine cable based on co-op electricity loads and wind power generation. When the project generates surplus power, it sells the excess power to the New England Power grid and when the electricity generated is not sufficient, the project buys power from New England.

Wind Speed and Direction

The University of Massachusetts through the Renewable Energy Research Lab carried out a study of wind resource on the Fox Islands between 2002 and 2005. The study found that doubling power velocity increases electricity production by a factor of 8. Wind speed and direction are critical for electricity generation estimates. Through the study, it was realized that increasing velocity by 20% results in the increase in output by 75%. However, yearly, seasonal and hourly fluctuations in wind velocity will cause electricity generation fluctuations.


Wind power resources are abundant worldwide but its utilization is limited because it does not provide a steady supply of electricity. It however is one of the cleanest forms of renewable energy. Local winds can also be used electricity on land provided that the turbines are situated on an open area that has abundant winds.


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