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Technology is a wide concept which deals with usage and a knowledge of techniques, systems, crafts, methods of organization and tools. Technology has affected the society and its environment in many ways either positively or negatively. It has helped develop an advanced global economy for example the e-commerce, e-business and money transfer's methods and it has led to an increase in a leisure class activities (Altrewz, 1999).

With the implementation of the new technology, it has influenced societal values; culture, norms and code of conduct either positively or negatively. The new technology has raised new ethical questions which include the rise of immoral behaviors, challenging norms, efficiency in human productivity and the social life affiliations and interactions (Grohol, 2000).

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The movie shows that, most children in the world plug into the computers, internet and televisions before they go to school. Mobile phones, computers and TV are less expensive hence children can get access to them at school or at their neighbor's residence even if they do not have in their home. Most of them watch TV screens for at least two hours in a day (Kraut, 1997). The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that children below two years should watch TV and those older than two years should not watch more than two hours in a day.

The movie further shows that, the first two years of a child is critical for brain development and therefore interacting with modern technology can impair their health, both physically and socially. As children get older, watching TV or using computers will interfere with activities such as doing homework, playing with friends, being physical active and energetic, spending time with the family and reading or studying (Grohol, 2000).

However, preschool children can learn many good things by watching television for instance, in learning more on wildlife nature shows, entertainment especially during the cartoon hour and story telling on the past issues which can encourage them. Children find that using computers and watching some TV programs gives them a sense of accomplishment and power to amass knowledge. Children learn many things by watching variety of educative programs which seeks to enhance their basic knowledge and skills in language, reading, math and other social subjects. By watching such programs, children can grow to be responsible, but if they use the computers to watch pornography, it can lead to bad habits (Kraut, 1997).

Despite some of the merits of television and computers, there are some disadvantages which include:

Though children's advocates have different opinions and views when it comes to solutions, many are for the view that, it is better for the parents to control the use of TV and computers in that; they should teach them that, occasional programs for children are important for their health and development. Parents must maintain open communication and coordination with their children. This will ensure that children are free and comfortable in letting you know when they have any problem with the modern technologies such as mobile phones, computers, TV and many others. They should be taught to limit the time of computer interaction because too much of it can expose them to inappropriate practices and behaviors. They should also be taught of the negative or harmful outcomes of modern technology devices to their health such eyestrain and repetitive motion injuries which can affect them negatively (Altrewz, 1999).

Modern technologies have affected the social life globally because people can longer interact freely due to the fact that they can communicate with people and pass the message using the modern gadgets. Children no longer know their relatives such as uncles, nephews, aunts and nieces because technology has limit movement hence they no longer visit one another (Kraut, 1997). It has made the life of many people to be in door because they can use the mobile phone and the computer to chat, make a call, send message, money and to transact any form of business.

Technology has enhanced and promoted international business transactions through the development of e-commerce and e-business forms of business transaction technologies. Modern technology has made many people to be glued or addicted to film watching hence other important activities such as studying, farming, office work, family chores and business activities are not given due attention yet they are important in life (Kraut, 1997).

Modern technology has affected social relationships such as marriages both negatively and positively. It is said that, no marriage is perfect therefore human beings are fallible hence conflicts may arise. Marriages require commitment, hard work and openness, but today's marriages have become a burden of modern technology. Modern culture and way of life has suffered the addiction of modern technology, therefore, many marriages are trying to resolve issues they have never had before hence ending up suffering negative effects (Grohol, 2000).

Some of the negative social net workings on marriages are wide spread and they include infidelity, divorce, separation and connection with the old flames. Infidelity is the most serious negative effect. It is a betrayal where extra marital relationships are online and it comprises of fantasy with ill motive to ever meet, chatting and sharing of past experience with ex-boy friends or girl friends. This is very hurtful and it can go to extreme ends of divorce or separation.

The children will suffer most since they will not get the parental care and love to make them become responsible people in future (Grohol, 2000). The new technologies served by the internet such as the face book, twitter, emails, mobile phones and computers has enabled people to reconnect very easily with the people from the past including former classmates, workmates and girl friends and boy friends. Connecting with old flames is a continuation of infidelity but this is relating with people you have known most recently may be at the work place. This has created more conflicts and misunderstanding in most marriages because of mistrust and unfaithfulness between partners (Altrewz, 1999).

However, modern technology has some positive effects in a marriage relationship. It has emphasized on a strong emotional and affectionate bond between the wife and husband. It has enhanced emotional self sufficiency in modern families, where intense and emotional bond among the nuclear family members is build. Marriage has been shaped by the romantic love and maternal love which has enhanced satisfaction. Modern technology has been known to improve communication between a wife and a husband because they can be in touch when they are a distance away (Grohol, 2000).

In conclusion, though modern technology has some negative effects in our lives, it is essential for transaction of our day to day activities (Kraut, 1997). Technology is inevitable but we should embrace it and adopt it build a better society with good morals and acceptable societal norms.


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