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Nanotechnology is the study that involves controlling mater of atomic or molecular state. In nano technology the structures are of sizes between 1 - 100 nanometer, a nanometer is the same as one-billionth of a meter, it is much smaller than the wavelength of the visible light. It involves creating devices within the size of 1 - 100 nanometers, this devices cannot be seen even by a light microscope. In nanotechnology an atom is compared to nanomachines. The size of an atom is almost the same as the size of a nanometer though nanometer is a little larger when compared with the atomic scale. The atoms are what makes are matter in the universe. Everything is made up of atoms. Bodies are made of millions of living cells and we are assembled in a particular way. Cells are compared to nano-machines. Atoms when put together they can make everything. So in the nanoscale the same nanos will be used to make everything.

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Nanotechnology is the construction of small tiny machines. Th e ability to build this machines from the bottom up will be inside the personal nano-factories using tools and method that scientists are still developing today. These machines will be used to make highly advanced products to be used by man. This will result in revolutionize of manufacturing. This will have serious social, economic, military and environmental impacts.

Nanotechnology has already been used in the current world, the self cleaning windows that have been developed is the work of nanotechnology. It has also been used in the production of the LED lighting which is energy efficient. It is believed that nanotechnology will affect everything in the universe and will impact almost everything humans do.

Nanotechnology is believed it will offer efficiency in all aspects of human life. It is believed that nanotechnology will not just offer better products but it will also improve the process of manufacturing goods. It will make finished goods cheaper and also the time of manufacturing will be considerably reduced and also the finished goods will be of very high quality.

Nanotechnology will also pose economic, environmental and social challenges. This is because nanotechnology can be used in manufacturing of very powerful warfare weaponry that is very lethal. The weaponry and also military surveillance designed will be more powerful than the ones in use at the moment; this is a huge risk to humanity. There are also ethical challenges of nanotechnology that will enable humans to enhance themselves. Medical nanotechnology could make humans stronger, smarter and abilities that current human doesn't have. Economically, due to nanotechnology being able to create industries that are only capital intensive will it lead to loss of jobs in industries or what will happen? Environmentally it is also believed that nanotechnology might produce toxics that will be a challenge to the environment; the products might be non biodegradable.

Nanotechnology may be fully operational in the next ten years due to the great progress of the technology to enable it this enabling technologies include nanolithography, optics, 3D prototyping among other technologies. If not well planned for this technology might be of severe result to the humans.


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