Free Program Review and Evaluation Technique Essay Sample

A PERT (Program Review and Evaluation Technique) chart refers to the graphic representation of the schedule of the project. This indicates the task sequence, the tasks which can be performed simultaneously without interfering with the whole operations and as well the path of the tasks (Mubarak, 2010). The critical path refers to the activity path throughout the project which consumes the most amount of time of the entire project. The charts employ different attributes which include the latest and the earliest start dates and the finish date for each particular task, the lag time between two successive tasks. It can be used to document the entire project work or just the key phases of the project. This will allow the construction team to come up with a realistic plan that can be fulfilled within the stipulated time frame. PERT as well helps in prioritizing the most critical tasks and thus an appropriate path can be devised and thus getting them done within the required time (Maserang, 2002).

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In a particular project, if steps B, C and D are at a risk of being delayed owing to an existing problem, then the project management team should step in to make the necessary correction so as to meet the stipulated deadline. In the determination of the work that will need to be prioritized in addressing the correction, several factors needs to be considered, these includes the duration that is required for each step and the overall value to the project. The task dependency is the most important part of the rescheduling process. The step that is part of the critical path should be considered first since its delay will affect the overall project. Amongst the two remaining tasks the one that hinders the continuation of the other tasks should be addressed first while taking in to account the above factors (Carpenter, 2006).         



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