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Technology has been one of the most significant factors in the human life. Since its invention, life has been made easy with everything being done with the use or by technological devices. Generally, life has been improved greatly with people improving their living standards. Initially, technology was viewed and treated as a man-made creation aimed at facilitating his workability and living conditions. During this time, people depended less on technology with some countries having no any kind of technology. However, with time, the use and dependence on technology started to spread across the world ad currently, technology is applied in every aspect of life. People now no longer view technology as an invention made artificially by man so as to improve his living condition but they have started to treat it in a different manner.

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According to Neil Postman- a distinguished sociologist of technology, human tend to think and act as if technology is a part of nature as opposed to man-made creation separate and apart from the natural world. I agree with Postman and I think that people in our society have a propensity to take the reliability of technology for granted in the same manner that they assume that the constancy of natural phenomena like the rising and setting of the sun or the ebb and flow of the tides. This is because most of people don't invent or create technological devices but they instead use what is already developed and ready to be used. The only thing which they are required to do is to purchase the devices, this has therefore made most people in our societies to think that technology is natural other than man-made.

We tend to place more faith in the reliability of our technology than is prudent and reasonable. This is due to the fact people are relying to technology to the extent of believing that they can't survive in its absence. With the invention of life supporting technology, people's view of technology as man-made was further drawn away leaving their mind with a belief that technology is natural. The other factor that promote this illusive belief is that ease and rate at which technology is found and applied. Technology has been revolutionized in that it is easily accessible and applicable with most people being of how to use and not how to make or develop that given technology. Like sun which rise and set on its own with people having few role to perform so as to make use of it, so it's similar to technology, other people make it and distribute it elsewhere where it is used by other people hence making it look like as if it's natural other than man-made.

Technology has made world a global village which is a good fact, however, the problem is how this technology is viewed by most people in our societies. There is tendency that we will exaggerate the reliability of our technology since people have started to abandon and leaving even minor duties and tasks that are supposed to be done manually to be done technologically. In general, people are overlying on technology to the extent that they are even doing away with their traditions. For instance, there have been cases where certain people have mist to attend or undertake certain duties or events due to technology related problems or excuses. For instance, some say that their vehicles were not in good condition so they were unable to travel while other hold computer and mobile phones for misinformation or poor communication.

With this trend and attitude towards technology, there is high probability that many people will avoid their responsibilities and leave them to be done by technology not putting into consideration its effects. Hence it's my plea to the sociologists of technology to initiate a program that will help remind people in our societies that technology is a man-made other than part of nature. This will help us to remember our duties and attend to them personally other than leaving them to be done by technology.


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