Free Technology Safety and Convenience Essay Sample

Cell phones and other technologies such as notebooks are definitely some of the greatest inventions. They have begun to play a very important role in our lives, enabling us to carry out various activities but on the other hand, they have affected our lives and the public at large. Misuse of these devices in public places can create a nuisance to other people.

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Cell phones and other technologies should be used with the right or adequate amount of privacy to spare the public of your private calls and other private internet video calls through video call applications. In the case of cell phones, some people because of peculiarities tend to talk louder when they are on the cell phone. Some even go an extra mile to repeat a statement over and over again.

Due to these reasons there have been plans to ban cell phone use in public places such as offices, classrooms and theaters among those suggestions that have been given considerations. This includes the sub-vocal microphones or software that is going to help deal with such by preventing impolite or dangerous use of cell phones.

Cell phones apparently have also been associated with health and safety reasons. Because it has been proven that when the signals from the cell interferes with other signals from electronic devices, the user and the members of public around him are at risk of health and safety hazard. There have been discussions that this will give a reason to ban them.

Use of cell phones and other technologies have also brought about cheating in schools by using the web browser to get information online. Cameras in these cell phone and other technologies have also faced criticism, because some of the people use it for the wrong reason. They are at time used to spy on the public and also take photos in an inappropriate manner. In general the use of cell phones and other technologies can be quite a nuisance therefore; there should be ways of controlling.


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