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The extent to which technology is bringing change to lives of people is of great significance especially in education. The major responsibility which technology has played is challenging the traditional process of teaching and learning. Technology has greatly impacted curriculum delivery throughout the world. Communication across borders and continents has been made easier because people can access enormous collection of data and thereby improving assimilation and assessment skills. Courtesy of technology, learning is now a lifetime activity everywhere anytime.

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Internet provides a variety of operational and experimental information. Good examples are online libraries and e-books. Through online library, I can get a bulk of data and a lot of books which can be useful in various courses. Information technology dissemination of curriculum encourages learners to use computer skills in every aspect of their studies. Technology enables students to attain university and college education from every part of the world, me included.  United States is a leading destination for international students from all over the world. Those who cannot be there in person can obtain their certificates online.

United States is one of the countries in the world that has several higher learning institutions. There are various reasons why many people study in US rather than other countries. The main reason is that it has world class learning institutions. The institutions offer quality academic education and more to that, they have highly skilled staff. The culture and people of this country also attracts students to study there. Technology in this country is so advanced such that it does not matter the type of degree any student chooses to pursue.

Students who take online courses may face problems because there might be limited interaction between them and the instructors. This problem might be of concern in case a student is not contented with the courses which are offered.

Online classes are cheaper because students are not required to meet transport and accommodation costs and can save more unlike in the conventional college attendance. The future of technology in education is to maintain competitiveness among students and adequately prepare them for global labor market. Students should have the addresses of the instructors so that they can contact them in case they have a problem with the online courses.


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