Free Movie Watching: Home TV vs. Theater Experience Essay Sample

Watching a movie on a television set is convenient as compared to theater in that a person can watch a movie at any time he chooses to and the same cannot be experienced in the theater since the time for watching a certain movie is predetermined in advance and not at anyone's convenience. This really restricts the people as to when, where and for how long.

The environment presented when one is watching a movie on a television is more comfortable in that the person chooses the place of comfort to sit unlike the theater where more often than not one gets the uncomfortable place to sit on especially when one gets there late. When watching a movie on a television set, one has the option of pausing the movie incase of any interruptions or on purpose to attend to other pressing matters as opposed to theater where one has to contend with the time slot for the movie. Also one has the option of forwarding, reversing or skipping from scene to scene at his or her convenience.

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There is no nominal fee for watching a movie on ones television set but only the initial buying of the DVD whereas in theaters one has to pay a fee before watching a movie and in addition to that snacks like popcorns, soda, candy are usually expensive. The choice of ones favorite snacks are also limited unlike in at home where the whole fridge is at the viewers' disposal.

Watching a movie on a television set provides some degree of privacy one cannot get in a theater where some people have funny behaviors and acts which the other people are not accustomed to like making burping sounds, walking in front of you to use the bathroom or flipping their phones. These activities can be very distracting and cause viewers to loose concentration so fast.

Theater has the best sound systems and motion pictures thus providing an experience which a person watching on a television set cannot be able to experience. The theater therefore provides full experience of watching a movie which the television set cannot rival.

The theater always presents a good opportunity for the family to have fun out of the family home and reduces the boredom of being indoors. Watching a movie in theaters enables you to experience the impact and quality of the technical aspects of the movie in full blast. It is like being part of the movie while watching it in big screen, which makes the viewing more entertaining than watching it on a television set.

The theaters provides early viewer ship of the movies before it goes into DVD version for sale hence one can watch a movie several months later on television after it released in theaters. The theaters provide a good arena for social calls with friends who can accompany you to watch a movie then be able to discuss what went down. People go to theaters on first date, birthdays or weekend. It has therefore become a place of happy moments. It also provides an opportunity to groups with special interest to watch a movie of there choice together since the theater can accommodate a large number of people and then analyze it later as a topic of discussion.

In conclusion watching a movie on either the television set or in a theater both has its advantages and disadvantages and mostly it depends on what the viewer perceives to be important when watching a movie to take a stand on which side to lean to.


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