Free The Future of Voice Recognition Technology Essay Sample

The future of voice recognition technology is a topic that excites many people because it is bound to make life easier in many aspects. The software development will grow faster than the hardware because of the complexities of building machines that can translate the human words accurately. The future of this technology will mean that humans will only use verbal communication to command different situations in life for example, virtual taxi drivers, or robotic house cleaners.

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In order for this technology to become a reality, Information Technology Corporations must invest in research and development. The only barrier that still lurks is that the engineers have not found a way to create machines or software that could interface in real- No machine that can translate human speech as accurately as humans are able to speak and understand each other.

The positive outcomes of this technology entail the fact that humans can communicate with the computers without typing words into the computer. This means that work will be done faster and some administrative or clerical costs will be saved. Again, it will be easier for the deaf and dumb to communicate easily because the machines will understand their speech patterns. It will also be helpful in forensics, as the computer will judge the intent and emotion of the suspects from the patterns of their words and their voice inflection.

The demerits of this technology emanate from the fact that machines can never replace the humans. In lieu of this, humans who have difficulties in communication cannot use body language, as the machines will not understand these physical commands. In addition, the artificial intelligence machines will not have the ability to decipher the emotion in the humans. This means that will carry on with their activities without nurturing the feelings of their master. Such setbacks are some of the reasons that are slowing down the scientists from achieving complete outcomes in this endeavour. However, the scientists are sure that the future of this technology is nearer than they had earlier anticipated.


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