Free The General Outlook of Wireless Technology Essay Sample

The manner in which wireless technology has affected day-to-day running of human life is tremendously noticeable. However, as much as many people would like to view at the technology as a positive step towards improving the way of life, the issue should be looked at in a multidirectional perspective. Therefore, wireless technology has probably imparted a positive change in human life but at the same time brought many controversies regarding the same life it is purported to have improved. Does this mean that the technology is equally harmful just as it is beneficial?

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Subheading I: The general outlook of wireless technology

This gives a general introduction to wireless technology and the way it has affected life. This will also contain several definitions of some terms as they are used in the field of wireless technology.

Subheading II: Factors that determine the reception given to the technology at various levels;

They can be categorized into two acceptance models. For instance, people decisions to use wireless gadgets despite various dents associated with them will be probed. According to Yen et al., people go ahead to use the technology despite the fact that it has some negative effects on them. These factors can be explained using two models namely:

Topic a) the technology acceptance model (TAM) – looks at issue that influence acceptance and utilization by various sections of the society.

Topic b) the technology fit models (TTF) – will compare different issues associated with the technology  and how they fit into the society, either positively or negatively.

Subheading III. Trends in the use of wireless technology all over the world. In assessing the effects, both positive and negative, this will give a clear insight of the extent of the effects. Using population estimates tha use the technology will ensure that the effects are assessed properly.

Subheading IV. Risks associated with the technology

Topic a) Health risks such as brain damage, 

Topic b) Security risks such as hacking and intrusions

Topic c) Social risks such as cultural shocks

Subheading V. Positive and negative impacts of the technology

Topic i) . Security related issues – According to the United States computer emergence readiness team (US-CERT), online criminals are always coming up with better methods of intruding into other people privacy. This means that vulnerability to this risk for all systems that depend on this technology increase.

- Apart from online crime that is facilitated by wireless technology, other effects are observable. They include Hacking and Intrusion into personal information

Topic ii) Health related problems – which touch on how different scientific application used by the technology affects health. According to Council on Health Promotion, (2011), Wireless devices use a specific type of wave called radio frequency. Research has shown that these waves have negative effects on human health, with much attention being given to mobile phones in recent times. This means that the technology is a source of some diseases thus necessitation thorough probing to ascertain these effects.

Topic iii). Social impacts – the technology has facilitated the flow of information from one place to another. This implies that various institutions have adopted the technology to spread information. For instance at the higher education institutions, about 85 percent of all universities in the United States use wireless networks to teach. Negative effects of information flow include

Subtopic a) Change in socio-cultural settings of a society

Subtopic b) Cultural interference due to importation of foreign cultures leading to cultural erosion

Subtopic c) Adoption of bad practices from outside the world due to easy spread through wireless gadgets

Positive social impacts

  • Education due to free flow of information
  • Spread of other civilized ways of doing things
  • Effective communication among many others

Subheading VI. Positive impacts

            Improved security and surveillance services: Although it is asserted that wireless technology has enabled criminals commit crime, the same technology is being used to fight crime effectively.

            Better and effective means of communication

            Discoveries made because of use of the technology especially in space science

Subheading VI. Commercialization of wireless technology

Topic a) Effects on trade; wireless gadgets have been a potent source of income for their manufactures and a source of income to various economies. This is in terms of how the technology has influenced trends in the world of commerce and other related industries.

Topic b) Economic impacts such as those registered in the United States where a report by the wireless association of the United States, (CTIA), Entner postulate that wireless technology is likely to increase the productivity gains of the United States by great margins. Similarly, Wireless enabled services such as Cisco Cius tablets are commonly used in business in many parts of the world.

Subheading VII. Standards of wireless technology

Universally accepted standard the technology follows currently

What should be the standards basing on various uses such as communication, security among many others

Subheading VIII. Regulation mechanisms and policies

Various regulatory mechanisms have been out forward to curb the negative effects of wireless technology and at the same time maximize on the benefits. They include:

Formulation of regulatory policies concerning frequency levels of radiation waves used by the technology.

  • This touches on both positive and negative effects of wireless technology to people. A close comparison between the two will be done to lead into the most accurate conclusion regarding the entire research outcome concerning wireless technology.
  • A few recommendations will also be given at this level, basing on the conclusion that the research will deliver.

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