Free The Interplay between Technology and Society Essay Sample

The improvements in technology do not take place in vacuum. The resolution of the technology to improve the fund and as well the use involves a lot of decision making processes impacting on the values and total calculations of benefits and costs to be incurred. The topic focuses on the interconnections between the society and the technology development. The technological development rate has grown so fast with the new advancements every new day. Our society is turning out to be so different from what it had been few years ago. With the emergence of new technological designs, the world is becoming more similar to a global village that eliminates the geographical and territorial boundaries.

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The Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) take much while reshaping the global industries. This is due to the fact how often they are designing and redesigning the means with the help of which the information is transferred. The relations between people in the society are drastically improving and becoming more effective. The distance is no longer a barrier to any form of relations as people are able to effectively communicate with each other regardless of where they are located. The impact is not only evident on the individual relations but also on the international ones as well. The trading activities of countries are drastically improving, and, thus, there are many improvements in the economic sector too.

Computers have played a major role in the development of these countries as well as in the living standards of the citizens. Everyone in the today’s society has in one way or another felt the increasing significance of computers in the community. The increased use of computers has led to a shift in the day to day activities; we are getting away from real substantial objects affecting the surroundings as the sources of information towards that of computer monitors as the crossing point to information. The computers are turning out to be a critical component of the human daily life resulting to the phenomenon referred to as the human computer interaction.

The Machine Stops is a story that illustrates the globe where many human inhabitants have lost the capability to continue living in the exterior of the earth. With all the physical and the spiritual needs met by the omnipotent worldwide machine, each person now is living in the segregation of the customary cell. Traveling though permitted becomes detested as well as indispensable. The communication is made via a type of the instantaneous messaging & video conferencing instrument known as the speaking device. It is with this that people are exchanging with their ideas as well as with the knowledge.

The Machine Stops depicts many improvements of technology as well as those of the social innovations. It is clear that the development of the society has been greatly affected in the various ways. As much as these technological innovations are making the work easier and more effective, they are also affecting the lives of individuals in the society both negatively and positively. The fact that work is becoming more effective and easier is a positive impact; a number of individuals are finding them jobless as the labor force in some institutions is reduced. This is due to the fact that less people are required to do the same jobs if the machines are applied.

For anyone to be involved into work you have to be skilled and know how to use the new machines. The society is able to share the cultural practices as well as other information even with those being far away.

A number of scholars state that the impact of technology does not provide the sufficient explanation for the associations between the technological advancements and the society. It is important to realize that technology does not simply come up itself but this is a result of the complex interactions of the socially instituted developments and designed practices. A number of cultural, political, economic and social factors are taken into consideration when the choice which technology to approve as well as the fund is made. The decision making process requires the ample time and the proper understanding of initial alternative plans put aside in favor of other people. The design chosen is usually accompanied by the significant social and normative repercussions.

The developments continue changing and, thus, interfering with some of the socio cultural practices. The change and the development positively transform the society from one sight to another one, though they still exist; the negative effects are always minor, and, thus, are easily over looked as the positive effects overweight them. The community has started to enjoy the technological changes and has embraced the further developments. This is proved by the fact that each individual is working tirelessly to follow up the latest technological developments. This clearly shows that a bond has been created between the technology and the society. The bond is getting stronger with each new day with any improvement. The society is turning into such that no one would have any thought of or even predicted. The work is becoming easier and more effective; with the touch of the button, we are able to talk to those being many miles away. These developments are making a new face for the society to be a more pleasant place to live in. It is very important if people understand the fact that it is not only the technology itself that impacts on our civilization, but the technology is an outcome of multifarious and the restrained social procedures and practices. The fact that some individuals use the developed technology for the unintended and unanticipated ways has led to the unplanned consequences.


There is the ongoing reciprocal relationship in the design and the actual use of technology in which  both co-construct one another with acting. The technology becomes a more passive tool waiting to be used though it restricts our potentials and performs the important scripts to shape us so much as we are shaping them. The amount of the society’s funds used to develop the new technology and to improve the already existing one is increasing. The outcome is also not allowing the investors and developers to get in. The technology has taken a major share in the society’s economy already.

The technology is playing a critical role in the transformation of the society into the more pleasant place to live and work in. With these developments, the society is dramatically changing inside, and life becomes more pleasant. However, the cost of living is rising with each new development. People are forced to work more effectively in order for them to be able to go on with these changes.


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