Free The Paradoxes of Improvement Essay Sample

Paradoxes of improvement are used to show how technological improvement in sports has advantages as well as disadvantages. There are different types of technology advancement in sports. The paradox and irony of technological development in sports comes as a result of the negative consequences of advanced sport technology. According to Tenner E., the effects of technology development in sports bring a lot of discomfort to those who adopt the new technologies.

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One of the paradoxes of improvement is on the adoption of equipment in playing tennis. Though the tennis equipment were invented to make the playing of the game easier, most players found themselves unable play the ball consistently with the new equipment. Most of the newly invented tennis equipment were found to be of little or no help to most of the tennis players. The problem with the invention of bigger rackets used in playing tennis is that these larger rackets were found to be poor shock absorbers. The newly invented tennis rackets had some ironies in them. They were profitable not profitable to the tennis players hence leading to the paradox of improvement, Tenner E. 

Another paradox of improvement in sports is where runners are trained to run barefooted. According to Tenner E., when runners train to run barefooted, they can run faster and limit the number of injuries they get as compared to when they run in shoes. It is believed that people who run barefooted reduces the risks of sport problems such as plantar fascia and knee problems. Research has found out that running in shoes requires the runners to be able to be able to search for stable platforms through the shoe soles hence causing harm on their legs. This causes paradox on sport improvement. More so, another paradox of sport improvement is when gymnastics are made to land on mats instead of landing on a bare ground. They are required to regulate their landing based on the size of the mat they are landing on. This is also another paradox of sport improvement because if they do not adjust to their landing, they may end up being hurt.

There are several lessons we can learn from the paradoxes of sport improvement. One lesson learnt is that we should be careful not to rely on the non-natural protections especially if it requires us to lower our dependence on our inner muscles or nervous systems, Tenner E. More so, we should also be careful to limit our contact with our senses and physical body parts one we decide to use any protective sport equipment, footwear or clothing. Athletes should also consider how they make their inner body parts stronger and their perceptions sharper while training for different athletic performances since this can even enable them to win the day to day physical challenges like climbing upstairs or lifting heavy materials.


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