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The arguments in this topic were focused on finding out whether there was any need of bringing the issue of gender, culture, nature, feminism, or paradox of feminist primatology in the development of science. This discussion presented the students with an opportunity to share their views on whether there was any tangible need to deeply understand the paradox of feminist primatology and feminism itself in any scientific approach. In the course of our discussion however, one who realize that a greater part of the language used in science is to some extent not favorable to women and people have a notion that the science that is done by women is inferior.

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In relation to culture and science, most members of the group were of the opinion that knowledge and science may greatly influenced by culture especially when it comes to formulation of goals of a particular study. Culture as exemplified by most members originates from individuals believing in themselves and having the intentions of achieving their aspirations. The change in culture like technology for instance is seen as one of the aspects that have shaped scientific studies especially by women. In this discussion, the members were able to identify the justifications of understanding the paradox of feminist primatology as a factor that influence how women participate in this field. The members were able to identify that a variety of opportunities were made available to women who ventured in science.

In addition, a lot of gender consciousness will obviously be facilitated in this field as well as shaping the working dynamics for women working in this field. Moreover, members were able to identify that understanding the paradox of feminist primatology served to show the women that thy have same abilities as men and can as well succeed. This is supported by the fact that this discipline has been registering an increasing number of women in the recent past. Members were also able to identify that by understanding the concept, more career opportunities are opened for women since the problem of 'women versus science' is adequately solved.

The other aspect that the group dealt with was trying to find out the reasons why most primatologists were at all times trying to destroy the link between them and feminism. Members were able to identify fallacies that insinuated that careers that are dominated by women will end to lose value in the course of time. It was pointed out that concerns existed that sought to ensure that science should never be feminized. Additionally, some primatologist played an active in widening the link by distancing themselves from things related to politics since they believe that it amounts to failure. We were also able to identify that teachers of primatology indoctrinate the notion in their students that tends to isolate them from the real world by making them believe that it is an exclusive sphere free from all other socio-cultural influences.

This discussion was successful since it provided the platform that ensured that members voiced their opinions concerning the topic. Group members were able to clearly assess the relation between gender and objectivity and how various perspectives regarding women were changing how individuals approached scientific problems. Moreover, we were able to analyze how primatology can be placed as a pure feminist career and the factors that contribute to the variety of views relating to the discipline. I would like to personally thank all the group members for their participation that led to the success of this discussion.


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